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  1. I'll be out but will definitely listen again to Scott's R2 show. Also see the legendary Dave Pearce is on after him. Jordan is always a good listen.
  2. Very interesting comments especially the last one. Had know idea Ben Cooper was stepping down. This makes me think there will be changes but not immediately. The likes of Clara, Matt and maybe Mills will depart? Mollie King to replace Clara One of the new talents we are hearing over the festive period to take Weekend Breakfast Jordan takes Weekday Lunchtimes Mills remaining Chart Show host.
  3. So Scott's been a massive part of the Greatest Radio Station in the world for 20 years now. Surprised the station hasn't celebrated it like they did for Pete Tong. Massive congratulations to Scott though. Thoughts please.
  4. I was going to say the same I went to work yesterday for twelve hours listened to the first 15 minutes of the show then thought it's okay I will listen to the podcast tonight 5 minutes I want the weekly one back at this rate
  5. Just starting this thread just to see what people's thoughts are on this duo? My first thoughts were WHAT? Matt deserves so much better than a co host he needs a weekday slot. Now I quite like the show Mollie seems to really enjoy what she's doing and doesn't seem to mind when Matt has a pop at her for doing something wrong. She's learning on the job like we all do. This has potential to be the best duo Radio 1 has seen since Colin & Edith. When I compare the show with Dev & Alice it's way better just been listen to those two this past week there is no spark or chemistry between them just feels like two good single talents have been shoved together for no reason? Thank you
  6. Jono WOW what an amazing read that was. I know it's still early days. But I just feel so positive already about the station as a whole there are a few weak links but we don't need to go into that. Can not express how much of a difference I feel in myself having R1 on to start the day. I'm a diehard Moyles fan as you can probably tell from my username but I'm also a 28yr old family man with 4 children and a wife who all live pop music and find Gregory a real laugh. Just watching Greg's opening link brought a tear to my eye teaches myself and my children that dreams really do come true and if you work your backside off you really can get what you want from this life. So pleased for Greg. Feel so positive about life at the moment got a spring in my step. Sorry went off topic. LOVE you bye.
  7. So I couldn't listen to the whole thing due to complications at work typical. Looking forward to tomorrow get to here the whole show. Will probs hear the podcast in a bit. What's everyone's best and least favourite bits.
  8. So much happening but I love that the feedback from all is so positive.
  9. Avicci Levels first song selected by a listener how touching. A bit of the old show already. So nervous for Greg it's silly.
  10. I'm on the night shift so I have an excuse to be up. Super excited it does feel like Christmas Eve. Just listenedto the last podcast as we know it had goosebumps listening to all those happy memories. The New Era begins in a few hours feels like we are getting Our show back.
  11. The return of Flash Flash from the Early Breakfast days.
  12. Just want to say how well I think Scott is doing with the legendary show. You can tell it means a lot to him. The way he does it just brings back the excitement the show has been lacking for many years now. Only thing is I wish it was 3 hours still.
  13. Well I have been using this time to try and find a new Drive show to listen to discovering the new station Hits Radio with my first Radio obsession Wes (I can hear the Who's already) I've not heard much of them at all including the weekend show. What I have heard is vaguely funny. I used to listen to Dev all the time as I felt the same as a previous comment he worked well with callers and had a bond with listeners. Alice on the other hand never really been a fan other than the shows with Phil Taggart. She has made me laugh when appearing on Greg's show but on the whole she has always felt heavily scripted. Might try and hear a bit more going forward but there is definitely better shows on when they are on.
  14. I bloomin LOVE this game gotta say how excited I am about the new era beginning Monday morning. I would personally love the show to begin with the pips followed by a big old intro like Moyles did and still does. It will give me goosebumps.
  15. I retract my comments on the Chart being fixed don't know why I said that. Lifelong fan of the show
  16. Fair point. Can't help but feel the Chart is fixed at times.
  17. Hi all. Now this is going to sound like a big old moan maybe it is just me getting old I'm only 28 but is it just me or does Radio 1 play too much 1Xtra stuff? It just seems every couple of songs it's Drake or something from there playlist. It is not my genre at all but I'm glad they play it as I love how diverse the R1 playlist has always been one of the reasons why I LOVE this station always playing the freshest new stuff from all genres but now 1Xtra just dominates it. I'm a family man now with 4 children whom all LOVE music. I really want my 8yr old lad to be into R1 like I was he loves some of the content already but I've found myself tuning to the new station Hits Radio to get away from the irritation sounds of the R1 playlist at times. Didn't want to just feel it's time for Mr Cooper and the playlist department to look at it again. Rant over sorry. What's everyone's thoughts?
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