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  1. Good point, surely they could have shown some coverage over on CBBC
  2. I hope Vick and Jordan get a podcast feed. I’d love that. If greg can have one surely they can.
  3. Sian I think would rock daytimes. If Scott left for R2. She could sit well in his slot. The figures might drop a bit. Because Scott has been there for years (hopefully a few more to come!!)
  4. Ooh! That sounds fun. If only for meeting the R1 DJs.?
  5. It’s sad isn’t it. I was never the biggest Grimmy fan. But I’ll admit he was a bit asset to the station. His early breakfast stuff want that bad. He just had a tough act to follow. I’m gonna miss him. It blows that Annie and Nick are going back to back but I guess that’s nice they’re leaving around the same time. Also makes me think they’ve had a new show offer.
  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Scott Mills is our John Peel. He’ll be in that slot for years to come.
  7. I wanna know why or how you’ve managed to dig up this thread from 2008? ?
  8. Annie. Of all the DJ’s to come and go she’s one who should be in the conversation for biggest impact ever. Growing up she’s always been the voice of dance music. I regret not tuning in each week for her now. But when I did. I always loved her passion. She’s a great loss to the station.
  9. Bring back the roadshow!
  10. I’m looking forward to it. Great to way to build up Jordan and Vick as the future of the station. Altough.. I do hope we get one last hide and seek with Greg and Grimmy. That was the best live radio I’ve ever listened to.
  11. During anthems go back a little further in time. Rather than just do late 90s 00s some 10s rinse and repeat.
  12. I hope we get one last hide and seek game. Because those were radio gold.
  13. Jordan Greg and Scott (I’m on a fan site dedicated to him after all) Though Vick Hope and Sian Eleri are very good as well. the only person I dislike at the station at the moment is Gemma Bradley. I don’t like her show. She always sounds like she doesn’t want to be there.
  14. Finally. I was never a fan of his. But can’t deny his importance to the station. His work with Annie was decent. And his breakfast stint.. was ok. Just shame he followed Moyles’s stint. Vick and Jordan on drive. Perhaps noticing heart and hits strategy of male female pairing. Nick will slot nicely into Heart. Or even the Hits Network if they want to give Fluer East a new co-host again.
  15. Absolute- Fire Berry. Put Bush and Richie (my go to drive show) on breakfast. Keeping newsreaders on air. Fix their guarantee to play different songs each day. Maybe mix in some new stuff with some older stuff a bit better. Maybe hire someone like Alice Levine to fill their drive time slot. Virgin- Stop being a Radio 2 wannabe. Hiring Graham Norton and Chris Evans. I thought their output was good before Evans signed for more money. Their branding is awful. Why use the old virgin name? Anyone who can get Wikipedia knows that’s now Absolute. HITS- Hire some bigger more talented names. Fluer East isn’t a good Radio host. They need to hire someone who’s a big name and good at radio. I feel like Grimmy would be good on breakfast there. And I could also see him doing some sort of throwback show on the pride spin-off station. Capital- Simulcast Coco Cole’s show on the main station as well as Dance. I think their breakfast show team is very charismatic especially Roman and Sian less so Sonny. I don’t listen live but often watch clips they put on Twitter or Instagram. I’d say maybe find a better third wheel there.
  16. Feels like the BBC have definitely taken notice of Global’s 24 hour playlists/ stations now.
  17. I’d bet good money on it.
  18. Oh RMC on mornings. That’s a waste:(
  19. From Gloabl- Capital Dance is arguably the best station to launch in a long time IMO. The DJ’s are all brill. (Coco and Jam especially) From Bauer- I’ve recently fell back in love with the absolute network. Their drive time show is brilliant. I don’t like Grimmy- so that’s where I go at 4PM. Their breakfast show is bad, The other shows are meh. Also shout out to Union Jack- A niche station. But very very good. I like the mix of Music there.
  20. A swap would be nice- Coco Cole to R1, Arielle to Capital Dance. (Unlikely- as Coco is also a Club DJ- but I can dream right?)
  21. Oh I agree completely. Rickie and Melvin seem to be doing lots together without Charlie. Like they not long ago competed on some Reality TV program together. I do think perhaps once the world starts to move back to normal, they’ll quietly take Charlie off of evenings and keep her solely on dance anthems. They do sound better apart in my opinion. Charlie sounds more comfortable doing her dance anthems, whilst the lads seem happier on the night shift.
  22. Honestly glad she’s been on quite a bit doing cover. She’s brilliant. I’d like to hear her takeover the introducing slot from Gemma soon. Really enjoy when she covers for Jack.
  23. I agree, she was the stronger comedic personality out of that duo, i do hope another station picks her up soon. Also whilst on the subject of unpopular opinions- Adele isn’t great on Weekend breakfast. I don’t know what it is- but her show always feels a bit off
  24. Greg James should still be on drivetime. Anthems is quite a good weekend listen (especially with Jordan!)
  25. I could see Annie leaving to focus on family. Could move Jack up in to that slot with his future artists in a prime time slot? I think I’d push RMC back to a 10PM slot. Maybe you could slot Clara into that 8-10PM slot. And move Vick(with Katie) to mid mornings and hire someone new (An Xmas presenter?) to take over Life Hacks/Chart first look.
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