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  1. Liking the sound of Dean so far! I was a bit worried when he was on Drag Day but he’s sounding very very natural so far.
  2. It’s such a feature heavy show, I’d be very surprised if they don’t have one. But then Matt and Mollie’s show is also very feature heavy but unfortunately they don’t have one.
  3. RMC seem to have a very music heavy show so far, I wonder what the rest of the show will entail after the Live Lounge as that’s all they seem to have trailed so far!
  4. Greg’s last song on drivetime was Bubblegum by Mystery Jets and the penultimate song if I remember correctly was Circle of Life.
  5. I’d be interested to see Clara’s take on the Future Sounds show. Does anyone know how much input Annie has into the songs selected for the show or is it mainly the producer? Because if Annie does have lots of input then I wonder if we might see a change of tone with some of the music played when Clara takes over? For example I could see more RnB and Soul being played because I know that Clara is really into those genres. There may be somewhat of a decrease in the amount of dance played too?
  6. I’d imagine it will either be Katie or Arielle in that slot then until September? I’d guess Sam and Danni will probably be covering Life Hacks over the summer too. Anyone know who Charlie Tee is? I wonder if Danny will be off until he moves to Annie’s slot too? I wonder who will be covering Annie’s Friday night show for the next 6 weeks too. And also linked to that, there still doesn’t seem to be any cover for Annie’s weekday show at the moment. Also nice to see Jessica Maciel again, she stood out too from the Christmas presenters. I wonder if Charlie will be off Dance Anthems too while preparing for her new show? I didn’t realise quite how many changes are going to happen to radio 1 over the next few weeks, it’s almost going to be like a completely different station between now and September.
  7. I’m assuming that this weekend is Jordan’s last weekend shows then? And then he’ll have a couple of weeks holiday and then a few weeks of trialing Drivetime shows. Although I’m not sure how that will work with Vick being over in Japan. Does anyone know when she goes over there?
  8. Oh wow that’s a big change for a month. I wonder if that’s the only way they realised they could manage it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do do the same on the weekend: 7-11 Adele 11-3 Matt and Mollie 3-7 Chart/ Dance Anthems/ Life Hacks I wonder if Katie will present Life Hacks solo through August or whether she will get a co host? I’m assuming that the week of the 9th August will be Scott’s holiday week then? Also, at a guess I’d imagine that Jess Iszatt and Sian Eleri will both cover bits of Future Sounds? They’re the only presenters that I can see being free to do it!
  9. Do we know yet who’s covering Future Sounds throughout August? Annie is still showing on the schedule for now!
  10. That will be interesting to see, Adele’s first weekend show off I believe. Glad that they’re using James again, he definitely stood out last Christmas when he filled in.
  11. I love the look of the daytime schedule from September - probably the strongest it has ever been, but the one thing that I would fix if I was in charge is the absolute mess that it looks like nighttimes will become. I can’t understand why there doesn’t look to be any particular content between midnight and 4am each day, and also why the specialist shows are being reduced to an hour. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I would have implemented a schedule like this - keeping Future Sounds starting at 7pm: 7-9 Future Sounds with Clara Amfo 9-11 Replacement for RMC 11-1 Future Artists with Jack Saunders 1-3 Specialist 3-4 R1 Dance/ Relax 4-7 Early Breakfast Just makes it a lot neater by mainly extending shows again!
  12. Dean is replacing Jordan at the weekend, I wonder if Vick will stay on Life Hacks with Katie?
  13. Lots of interesting changes there - nice to see Dean McCullough covering already, it will be nice to see what he sounds like bouncing off another presenter. Also good to see Sam and Danni off the Christmas line up being used again and Vick in for Annie is an unexpected choice but one that I can definitely see working!
  14. As much as I like Vick and Katie, it feels like R1 have more than enough cover for them to have to do 8 days in a row and possibly 2 shows in 1 day as well.
  15. I’m surprised there’s not been anymore announcements about Big Weekend yet - it’s supposed to happen in about a month and so far there’s been almost nothing said apart from the initial announcement.
  16. I completely agree with that, maybe radio 1 need a specific evening commissioner? Daytimes sound like they’ll be really great with the new changes and an Arielle/ Greg/ RMC/ Scott and Chris/ Grimmy line up is very strong and weekend daytimes are very strong now too. However, the evenings look like they’ll be a complete mess now, there’s literally going to be 4 hours of basically nothing every night. Then there’s the fact that the specialist shows seem to have been halved in length, the fact that live shows seem to be ending at 10pm now, the random mix of power down playlist and introducing dance slotted in the evenings, it all just doesn’t make much sense and isn’t coherent in the slightest. I’ve been very impressed with the changes that Aled had made until this point, but this just doesn’t make sense. If it is to do with cost cutting (which I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that the BBC haven’t got to make anymore cuts this year) then why would they promote a triple headed team to the mid morning show rather than keeping live shows running later? Even 1xtra has got live shows that run in the week from 6am - 1am. That’s going to be 2 hours longer than R1’s 5am- 10pm. Surely there must be some changes that will be happening later in the evening some point soon?
  17. It’s a bit disappointing that they’ve got rid of the evening entertainment slot really, I could have seen Grimmy fitting in there nicely between Clara and Jack Saunders but obviously that won’t happen now. Hopefully they are able to bring it back again in the future, maybe when RMC leave and aren’t taking up what seems like a lot of R1’s budget ?
  18. Just noticed too that the specialist shows have been cut to an hour so now only seem to be from 11pm - midnight. I wonder what the 12-4 slot will be? Just repeats and mixes because that’s a very long time not to have any particular shows!
  19. Definitely a shame that there looks like there’s more cost cutting involved though with live shows now ending at 11pm rather than midnight and no direct replacement for RMC.
  20. God this all looks complicated and I’ve already read through the article twice! I’ll share my thoughts properly once I work out what’s actually happening.
  21. Not sure what exactly is happening but radio 1 seem to have an ‘Earth Day’ theme of shows on Thursday evening: 6-8 Power Down Playlist with Annie Mac 8-10 Radio 1’s Chillest Show with Sian Eleri 10-11 Radio 1’s Decompression Session 11-12 Radio 1’s Movie Mixtapes: Classical Chilled Piano Mixtape 12am-4am Earth Day on Radio 1 Not quite sure what this is about, other than it seems to be a chilled theme of shows - Radio 1 seem to be very into the chilled theme at the moment especially with the whole day of shows on bank holiday Monday too.
  22. The plan said that all the moves had to be implemented by 2027 I think so I’m guessing Radio 1 management are guessing that at least 1 of Clara, Scott and Grimmy will have left by then (probably all 3) and then they can decide who and which slot to move up North!
  23. Really enjoyed hearing him this afternoon! Genuinely think he would be perfect for Annie’s show and a great cover for Clara and Grimmys daytime shows
  24. I’ll throw in a few: • I don’t really like Greg’s breakfast show and much preferred him on drive • Scott is sounding better in his current 1-3:30 slot than he has ever done before • Annie Mac isn’t really suited to the Monday - Thursday Future Sounds show and Jack Saunders would be much better on it. She can definitely stay on Friday nights though.
  25. I’ve been meaning to make this topic for a while but what are you favourite features on R1 currently? In my opinion, Scott’s show is very strong, the Don’t Look It Up quiz is great, and I really like both Brother or Lover and Granny Tinder too (along with Bamboleo). In the other shows, Matt vs Mollie is great, along with quite a lot of content in their show. I also really enjoy What’s My Age Again? The few time that Greg does it anymore, and although simple, I think Reasons to be Cheerful is a really nice feature in Arielle’s early breakfast show. So, what are all of your favourite features at the moment?
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