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  1. Yes. She did a weekly specialist show on KISS Fresh until recently, also previously had a show on KISS and covered KISS Breakfast.
  2. Dev is covering 'The Official Big Top 40' on Capital and Heart on Sunday
  3. Oooo interesting idea! Mine is.... I actually really love Radio 1 Anthems! I'll show myself out hahahah......
  4. I'd have Clara 6-8pm, Jack 8-10pm and RMC 10pm-Midnight.
  5. To be honest, I'd love to see Clara take over Annie full time Monday to Thursday. I think Clara is great on evenings whenever she covers.
  6. If Vick was on mids which I can see happening, then it'd be great to get some more regular mental health features
  7. Yes I think it is! I'm very interested to hear how he sounds. I really rate him as a broadcaster and he seems to have a great personality so him covering Grimmy should be good!
  8. Yes I think it is! I'm very interested to hear how he sounds. I really rate him as a broadcaster and he seems to have a great personality so him covering Grimmy should be good!
  9. Anyone catch Mollie Finn this morning? How was she?
  10. Good call doing a topic on this - also it means it'll be easier in the future to look back at people's thoughts etc. This Friday is the weekend thing has just been made even more weird in my opinion, as they've still got weekend shows throughout the rest of the day. I am pleased Greg's got Fridays though. I never like presenters going back to their old slots, often feel like it's a bit of a backward step in most instances. Although, I did prefer Matt and Mollie on weekend afternoons to breakfast so I'm not too bitter. I really like the idea of rotating new talent on Friday mornings, Mollie Finn was a runner up in demo factor this year I think. Not too sure why Arielle couldn't have done weekend breakfast, but am sure Adele will do a good job as will Arielle on early breakfast - I suppose Adele has a bigger profile than Arielle as well. I'm a little disappointed that Riyadh Khalaf didn't get a slot - I am really starting to rate him. Sad to see Huw, Phil and especially Dev go
  11. Who knows, maybe if Katie and Vick prove a strong duo then they could end up getting promoted together. Taking Scott's show in a year or two? Have R1 ever had an all female double act before now? EDIT- wonder where the show will be broadcast from? It's from Salford currently but Vick lives in London
  12. Personally, a change I can see happening is Dev moving to 1Xtra, Adele to weekend afternoons, Arielle to early breakfast allowing somebody new on weekend early breakfast. Alternatively, they could just move Arielle to weekend afternoons and leave Adele where she is but for some reason I quite like the idea of Adele during the day, she also has a bigger profile than Arielle I think This is all assuming Jordan gets all 3 of the 10am-1pm weekend slots.
  13. People on here have suggested Grimmy gets Fri/Sun 10am-1pm for a little while now. Maybe he could move there now? And Jordan takes drive? Just a thought
  14. I agree I can see Matt and Mollie doing Christmas Day Breakfast over Scott. But maybe somebody like Jordan could do it? I would also really like to hear Jack Saunders on daytime maybe covering Clara? But maybe even on afternoons as if they are doing things like 'the 10hour takeover' as that is fairly fast paced. Also hope Arielle Free and Katie Thisilton both get daytime cover slots over Christmas.
  15. Maya has got better but she still isn't very good in my opinion. Like others have said, at times Maya comes across as though she doesn't really care about being on Radio 1 but her social media would say the opposite as she is always posting videos of her in the studio on her Instagram story. I find that sometimes Maya tries to make her links longer but she ends up forgetting what she is saying. The other day she said 'and yeah' at the end of one of her sentences as she ran out of things to say. I also don't think she is creative enough as her show lacks ideas. I find both Jordon, Arielle and Katie much better broadcasters so would much prefer to have any of them on in her place but Maya is much more 'on-brand' to teenagers than all of them so I understand why she is there.
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