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  1. Luke Franks used to sit in for Alice Levine back in 2017. I remember him being really good and slick on air, but I also remember seeing how his style was too 'commercial' for Radio 1. I would have liked to hear him do a few more shows to adapt his style to Radio 1. Pete Allison would have been good for a promotion too, and the names Jameela Jamil, Dan and Phil spring to mind...
  2. On a slightly lighter note, I wonder what her best bits at the station were? 🤔😄
  3. Maya Jama leaving Radio 1? I never thought I'd see the day! In all fairness, this has all come about sooner than I thought - especially since she was doing well on BBC Sounds. I wasn't expecting to see this at least for another year or two - six months at the earliest. Having said that, even though she was popular with quite a few listeners, I wasn't a fan of her presenting style. There were certain things that used to grate on my nerves as both a listener and radio geek over the two years - least of all the attempt to be funny or throw in a goofy remark every third sentence, in every link. But that was then, and looking ahead, I think Jordan North should get the remaining slots since he got so badly sidelined in 2018. Grimmy's not a bad shout, and Vick Hope was rumored to join R1 at some point - maybe now's the time. But whatever happens, I'm looking forward to finally having Radio 1 back on all weekend, every weekend.
  4. IsaacM

    Hello New Members!

    Hi everyone! My name is Isaac and I’m currently a Computer Science student. I am also a massive radio geek as well – I’ve been listening to Radio 1 now for 6 years and to The Official Chart for nearly 6 and a half years. I’ve been a long time lurker on this forum (5 years I think!) and I’ve loved reading the comments and posts about Radio 1 ever since I found this. I’ve always wanted to join in the fun with comments and posts of my own but I’ve either delayed putting it off or been too shy to make a move. Hopefully, with everything strange going on, now is the right time. I look forward to getting more involved with the forum during times of big discussion here, whatever happens to Radio 1. Maybe a new presenter might join. Maybe Scott Mills will do 9 years in the afternoons. Maybe Jordan North will get the primetime slot he deserves. But for now … thanks for having me!
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