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  1. heard one during Scott Mills' show - it seems to have worked successfully!
  2. Apparently something weird also happened on Greg's show but I'll go back and listen later Also - just listened back to RMC from earlier... Radio 1 used to be a good station. What happened 😆 Note too how in today's TOTH, Vick and Jordan could only promise 'more chaos' after 3:30
  3. Greg's got a new pic now too
  4. Oh! They got rid of Going Home Anthems on a Thursday and so they should have done, because it feels like one of Grimmy's hallmarks was to fill pockets of show time with extended music features like Going Home Anthems
  5. Right - Radio 1 has been sounding excellent today so far - Greg back with Lizzo in Unpopular Opinion, Rickie, Melvin and Charlie bringing a great mix of chat and music to mids, and of course Scott and Chris on top form with plenty of banter... some risky too ?
  6. Global Radio have several stations which, I think, are at the top of their game. As mentioned before, LBC is good for news - I enjoy listening to the bulletins and some shows alongside it, but I also enjoy dipping into Capital and Heart every so often. One station that's really stood out to me is Capital Dance. An excellent range of dance music from the classics to the currents, plus some great shows and of course, the top talent on-air. MistaJam is an excellent broadcaster and it's really great hearing his energy when he does his shows. As for Bauer - it's a real shame that Hits Radio has replaced a handful of commercial local radio stations, but Kiss in London is still going strong and I do like listening to it from time to time as well. A mix of Pop, Dance and Hip-Hop... with that characteristic increase in speed in their songs of course!
  7. I agree with many posts in this thread - I think that The Official Chart should stay in its current time slot of 4:00 - 5:45 on Fridays. It means a more up to date broadcast (with the chart revealed first on air before the OCC update), a greater variety of hits at the lower end of the chart (such hits are varied in every show) and, more importantly, a faster show that Scott Mills has made his own (and Greg James before him). I do remember the days of a Sunday chart on from 4:00 - 7:00, where the show had greater flexibility and longer links/interviews could fit around the hits - but to keep it relevant today, I think it should stay on Fridays. Just realised it's 70 years of The Official Chart next February wow
  8. Clippit - The Paperclip Assistant from Microsoft Office! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  9. Replying now in April 2021, I think that Radio 1 isn't turning its back on Indie Music completely - but it is merely reflecting the musical landscape of the youth at this time. In the past week the music has been somewhat subdued, but in general there is less of a focus on Indie music and more on genres such as Pop/Dance and Hip-Hop. This next bit might be a disappointment to some, but recently I felt that TikTok had more of an influence in shaping the current Radio 1 playlist. That may have been instrumental in the lack of Indie Music in the playlist. When I saw this thread originally pop up in November, I would have agreed with the question - it was quite a shock to hear Clara Amfo announce in a 20 second ramp that she would be playing new music from the Foo Fighters! However now, we have new music from The Snuts. Alfie Templeman has recently got airplay. Twenty One Pilots returned with new music last week - Jack Saunders played it first. Even YUNGBLUD hosted an episode of The Indie Show last night and he played some of his favourite indie tracks on his show. Therefore - not completely turning its back on Indie Music. A few more guitars here and there wouldn't go amiss though.
  10. Some very interesting names in this list - and whilst browsing through the old Radio 1 schedules one evening, I found that Rob Howard did a show for BBC Radio 1 in the days before Capital! I remember Luke Franks sitting in for Alice Levine in early 2018 - thought he was quite slick actually, very good on the buttons. However - I do remember someone on here at the time saying that his style was more commercial/suited to Capital than Radio 1. I think a few more shows would have helped shape his style to a Radio 1 format. Would have liked to hear a few more shows from him.
  11. I remember Scott bringing back Real or No Real on Radio 2 when he covered for Steve Wright a while back - it was good to hear it again, but it didn't feel the same with the original format and music. I'd love it to be brought back regularly on Radio 1 with the original format and theme music. Having said that, Don't Look It Up is a really strong feature and it's excellent at the time it's on (towards the end of the show) so it's hard deciding whether to replace Don't Look It Up for Real or No Real. Perhaps an occassional outing of RoNR will have to do.
  12. I started listening to Radio 1 in February 2014 and the big thing back then was Visualisation, especially live streaming of shows and features. The main shows/features live streamed were of course The Official Chart, Dan and Phil, Innuendo Bingo and The Live Lounge - but many shows and features were live streamed, wherever there was an opportunity. Access All Areas springs to mind. Listen Again wasn't as yet advanced as it is now - the best way of doing so was to go onto the Radio 1 website and find the relevant episode. Even then, you only had 7 days to listen back. And of course there was the BBC iPlayer Radio app. Also, interesting point to note - the Radio 1 channel on iPlayer launched in November 2014.
  13. BBC iPlayer Radio. Whooooooooooooooo!
  14. Luke Franks used to sit in for Alice Levine back in 2017. I remember him being really good and slick on air, but I also remember seeing how his style was too 'commercial' for Radio 1. I would have liked to hear him do a few more shows to adapt his style to Radio 1. Pete Allison would have been good for a promotion too, and the names Jameela Jamil, Dan and Phil spring to mind...
  15. On a slightly lighter note, I wonder what her best bits at the station were? ??
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