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    • Scott Mills' Masterpieces
      Whoa! I haven't listened to it all yet but there was a great whooooooo by Scott and Chappers during the 4:30 news. Didn't realise Scott had been whoooing for that long.
    • New Radio 1 Website
      Ahh.. apologies for that, I've just seen it! I don't know how I missed that one, I did check as well! One thing I have noticed is that behind the new multi-coloured background you can see a blurred image of the currently on-air DJ! 
    • Scott Mills' Masterpieces
      Thanks! How about sticking anything worth uploading on a usb stick or sd card and posting it to one of us (whooooooo!) to upload it for you?
    • Scott Mills' Masterpieces
      Scott Mills: Thursday 8th November 2007, 9 years ago this year. My god, seems like yesterday.:-   It'd take me an age to upload everything I have, over 70GB in shows. But I can get away with a one off like this. That for example at 170MB took me the best part of 35 minutes.   I find it amazing Radio 1 play Led Zeppelin on here, and of course Zane goes on to play an entire album. There were things about Radio 1 that were hit and miss for me in the mid 2000's, but there'd be no chance of something like this happening today.
    • Scott Mills' Masterpieces
      Please DC, I know your internet is slow but you've gotta get that show to me. Try an internet café or something (whoooooooooooooooo!) I love that video and I'd quite like to know what it actually sounded like going out on air.