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Unofficial Mills
  1. BBC Radio 2

    For discussion of all things from The Scott Mills Show... even what Chappers is up to these days.

    Discussion Scott's new home on Radio 2.

  2. BBC Radio 1

    BBC Radio 1

    Radio 1 geeks can go here to talk about the station, the DJs, the schedules, the events and more.

    For the radio anoraks to discuss Radio 1 jingles, station imaging and anything else ultra geeky.

    Discussion about Radio 1's flagship music event - taking place across the country every year.

  3. Radio


    • 750 posts

    For discussion of other radio stations and the industry.

  4. Off Topic Discussion

    The Lounge

    • 127.8k posts

    For light hearted discussions with other forum members for those stuck in the office all day, and those just in from school!

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