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    • It's probably to give Adele a bit of respite as well - getting up at 2:30 every weekday for 46 or so weeks of the year is still a lot. This way she gets a few more weeks of lie-ins filling for Clara too.
    • Can't Jordan just sit in for Clara? He's a big boy now, and it stops the whole schedule jumping about. Its annoying how he's been around for so long but he's no trusted with a mid morning show, despite being a great presenter
    • I think this is subjective really. I'm really enjoying Grimmy on 4-7 at the moment (even if it seems im the only one :D) Grim suits this time slot nicely I think, and I like the warmth that the show has. Maybe a little too much music, but I love the Annie Mac chats and the Honesty Game. Nick works best when he's on air with another presenter, a bit like Alice Levine does.

      You could say its an 'Unpopular Opinion' (i'll leave) but I'm not warming to Greg on breakfast yet. I liked the Pass the Pasty and first week stuff but since then its seemed a bit empty, and the features it does have doesn't live up to his drivetime stuff like Rage and What's My Age Again (unpopular opinions is a bit basic and the updated shouldn't be news falls flat with Roisin, Game of Phones is only really interesting for those taking part). Plus, all of the 'this is what's been happening overnight' was literally what Grimmy was doing when he presented the show, just presented in a different way to suit a wider audience, making the show feel less personal.

      I really want to warm to it, as I was so excited on the first day because it sounded like a jam-packed breakfast show like in the CM days what made it a must-listen,  and I really like the imaging, but unlike the Chris Moyles Show or Grimmy's show,  I'm not too fussed when I have to turn off at 9 for work  

      If there is literally anyone else who agrees with me let me know lol
    • I started listening sometime from Monday 18th July 2011. Amy Winehouse died on Saturday 23rd and when this news broke I had only been listening a few days. The way I switched was random - I was listening to Magic 105.4 for months and one evening whilst driving home I got bored and hit a random preset on the radio which happened to be R1. I thought “let’s listen to R1 for a few days” and soon realised I had been missing out on great chart music, new music and fantastic club anthems. Intending to change to another random station soon, I realised I couldn’t because I was hooked. And since then my radio has stayed tuned to R1. I can even remember a song I was listening to within an hour of changing - Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce. 
    • This week is the only week I’ve properly listened to Grimmy’s new show. Within an hour I was bored of him. Same old Grimmy, same voice, without any other people in the studio. Greg has triumphed. Grimmy has flopped. It’s the truth. Grimmy is only in this slot because the producers are keeping an eye on his performance. I give it 2 years, and that’s being lucky.