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    • I mean I have thought long and hard about this  There is no way Scott would ever go back to drivetime, however much we all want it and it probably would be the correct thing Although if Grimmy did a quick departure I have always wondered if they would stick Scott back on drive for his remaining time at R1  I'd love to see Grimmy get the 8th as he is defo more night time R1 so here is my fantasy lineup  I too would scrap weekends starting Friday  Monday-Friday  4-630 Jordan  630-10 Greg  10-1245 Clara  1-4 Adele  4-7 Scott and Chris inc 545 Newsbeat Friday Chart 4-545 and Dance Anthems with Chris in the Mix 630-7   7-9 Annie  9-11 Grimmy  11-1 Jack Saunders  Saturday 6-9 Matt and Mollie  9-12 Maya  12-2 Clara  2-4 Alice and Dev  4-7 Dance Anthems with Jam  7-9 Target   
    • Alix and Riyadh from the Unexpected Fluids podcast are covering for Cel and Katie on the 25th November.
    • I had a new idea earlier...  4-6 Twin B(he works at 1xtra he’s ok)  6-10 Breakfast with Matt and Mollie  10-1 Jordon North  1-4 Scott&Chris 4-6 Annie Mac 6-6.15 Newsbeat  6.15-7 Drivetime Mix with Annie Mac 7-9 Rochelle Humes( Works at heart)  9-11 The 8th With Dev Friday 4-7 The Officiall Chart with Grimmy 7-9 Danny Howard 9-11 Pete Tong Weekends including Friday before 4  6-10 Greg James  10-1 Liliana Bird(works at radio x)  1-4 Sian Webly(again off heart).  4-7 The Saturday and Sunday Surgery with Katie and Dr Radha 7-9 Maya Jama(Saturday)  9-11 The Rap Show(don’t know who the new presenter is?)  Sunday 7-9 Arielle Free 9-11 Alice Levine  Podcasts  Scott Mills Daily The Matt and Mollie Breakfast Show  The 8th With Dev The Surgery-Overtime  Annie Mac’s Drivetime Mix James Cordon Comedy Podcast(Dream anyway)  The Rochelle Humes Podcast  Plus maybe the specialist shows and mixes on a podcast as well     
    • I think it might be Alice because Matt did all the week before and his weekend shows would mean he would do lots of radio in a row and obviously they couldn’t have Dev and Alice because Dev is doing the 8th.  I do wonder though why Jordan isn’t covering at all? He sounded good in the summer with Chris. He’s not covering the Greatest Hits when Maya is off either. I wonder if he’s getting a bit of time off before he probably does a show everyday round Christmas!