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    1. The Lounge

      For light hearted discussions with other forum members for those stuck in the office all day, and those just in from school!

  2. The Scott Mills Show

    1. The Scott Mills Show

      For discussion of all things from The Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1... even what Chappers is up to these days.

  3. The Station

    1. BBC Radio 1

      Radio 1 geeks can go here to talk about the station, the DJs, the schedules, the events and more.

    2. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

      Each year Scott Mills and the station take to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2009 the crowds flocked to the musical. In 2010 it was all about the one man shows.

    3. Radio 1 Geek Talk

      For the radio anoraks to discuss Radio 1 jingles, station imaging and anything else ultra geeky.

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    • I know and next week Scott and Chris are in on Wednesday and Thursday, then grimmy is back on Friday! Sent from my iPad using the mobile app
    • I have to be honest, I've struggled to keep on top of these random days Grimmy seems to take off. Why can't do they do a Monday to Friday stint? 
    • It actually annoys me that Grimmy has got rid of the opener, and a lot of the beds from the package too! It's the flagship show and also signals the start of the day, it deserves to have the epic opener and standout sound that was created for it! The fact that Scott has gone back to using the original opener is great, it would be even better if he started using some of the beds again, like these new ones that were made for example!
    • Next Wednesday I think according to the schedules! Sent from my iPad using the mobile app
    • Do we know when Scott's in for Grimmy over the summer? Chris Moyles is taking FOUR WEEKS off, and I'm hoping I'll have something good to listen to for at least two of those weeks.