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      For discussion of all things from The Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1... even what Chappers is up to these days.

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    • Another thing I have to point out is the scheduling. Clara will be out in LA but won't be hosting her show from there, instead Annie Mac will be sitting in for Clara on the 31st-2nd September at 10am-12:45pm. I'm suprised the likes of Jordan North or Nick Bright can't cover, it means Annie will be both doing double shift's those days.
    • It's still a pretty decent lineup, despite the lack of weekend performances.  Perhaps doing a show from Justin Bieber's house blew the budget this year. 
    • It's like they can't really be bothered this year - when they first did EMMM back in 2013 I thought it was pretty great despite my initial reservations and the fact that they did actually play slightly more music than usual. 2014 was good, but a clear step down effort wise from 2013. I didn't like it when they scaled it back to Live Lounge Month for 2015, and this year they're doing it again, but they're only doing Live Lounges on weekdays. I don't know why they still bother, each year has been a scaled back version of the last. I feel like this will be the last one they do. Thoughts?  
    • Anna, despite the slightly gravelly voice seems to be the up and coming newsreader - seems to be the regular dep for Tina on breakfast and Chris in the afternoons. I'd hope Chris stays with Greg, wherever he ends up. Cat Collins has quite a good newsreading voice, Declan Harvey is always lovely to listen to as is Steffan, Jonathan Blake and Steve Holden are good too although it really annoys me when Steve does the entertainment news on breakfast cause he does this really odd thing with his voice where it sounds like he's permanently about to start laughing. And I love Duncan Middleton, but he's not on very often. His chats with Greg on early breakfast were great.
    • Aw that was amazing. Well done for representing the nerds of UM in the most majestic way.