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    • Brilliant era? Hardly. Whilst I don't think he'll have the same level of vitriol directed at him as Mathew Bannister (who I happen to think did what was necessary), nor do I think he'll be revered as much as the Parf Daddy was. Ahh, Andy Parfift. Now there was a man who knew how to run a fantastic radio station.
    • WELOVEMOYLESPART2, do you miss Chris by any chance?  and, if anything, it's looking like perhaps BBB could be fired if he keeps this up. Surely they know that a lack of listeners is bad, irrespective of their ages. With Capital on the rise (and Kiss Fresh notably, the highest performing DAB channel), it's looking like this may be a bit of a naff ending of a brilliant era.
    • He can't hind behind some Facebook stats forever. Grimmy's days are surely numbered (although this forum has been saying that since about 2012, but they must be now). Figures for daytime shows aren't publically released, you have to be a Rajar subscriber to access them. Shame, I've always wanted to know what the figures are like for other shows.
    • So it's another set of figures low for the Breakfast Show. I know Mr Cooper says all is well in the world because of YouTube and Social Media. Maybe so but how much longer does it have to dip before he pushes the panic button? I reckon he has something in mind for the station next year? How do we find figures for the likes of Mills and Greg? What's everyone think? Sent from my GT-S7275R using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
    • I remember that! Our Vern was quite the geek when he was at Radio 1.