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  1. Exactly. It doesn't seem very cost effective.
  2. I don't know. It seems weird how they want to move out. Seems messy.
  3. Ooh. I think either Matt and Mollie or Jordan
  4. I guess because breakfast get's a lot of listeners. So I can understand that.
  5. I wonder why Matt is always riding the desk. I don't think Mollie has been on it?
  6. Seems Matt and Mollie are doing Friday now. Not sure what happened there. With Vick and Katie in for them at lunch
  7. Just curious where you saw that? I checked the schedule and I could not see anything.
  8. Just curious where you saw that? I checked the schedule and I could not see anything.
  9. JamTriv

    Dev on Heart

    I feel bad for Dev because he used to be able to do more on Radio 1 I think. But each to their own I guess.
  10. Good to see that they are still doing breakfast. Wonder if Adele will start covering breakfast.
  11. I agree. I seem to hear the same music over and over. Would love to hear more sessions dedicated to brand new music.
  12. Ok pretty epic. LOLathlon for a week and then 24 hours? Looking forward to this.
  13. Yes! I really enjoyed listening to them this morning while I was in lesson. Always very alive. I have always thought that mornings were their things rather than afternoons. Matt is very creative, and generally both Matt and Mollie work very well together.
  14. Not entirely relevant but how do they do the news? Is the newsbeat studio on a fader and it just gets faded up a few seconds before :30? Also is the newsbeat ramp a track (like on a fader?) or a touch screen button?



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