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    • I'm not a massive fan of Gemma, but have to give her credit for tonight's Surgery so far -  a difficult show to go out with and so far she's doing a good job.
    • Talk about low-key exit! No idea who will replace her but I bet we will know before 10pm.
    • Hi! Just heard Mistajam say that tonight's Surgery will be Gemma's last show on Radio 1.  I had no idea that she was leaving, but she did post it on Instagram.  Anyways, I don't know if you all knew this or not!  Any ideas who's taking over from her? 
    •   Maybe it will be on the website live to stream? or Iplayer will have a special R1 channel for the days?
    • Pretty sure they don't have any live TV coverage anymore since BBC3 closed and it's all on iPlayer/ the website. Greg and Fearne never used to be on the radio over Big Weekends because they were hosting the live BBC3 coverage in the evenings. That would be Greg and Clara now if they still did it so the fact they're both doing a lot of the radio coverage and that live TV coverage isn't really necessary to reach the R1 target audience would suggest there's none