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    • The Unofficial Mills 2016 Virtual Time Vault - For 2021ish
      I wouldn't normally go anywhere near the shitfest that is The Sun, but I came across this article from a few years back: Quite sad to hear, it essentially says that Mark and Lard aren't actually friends and they never want to work together ever again. Sad times. It always makes me sad when something I look back on fondly is dismissed by the person (or people) who made it happen. Women do it to me all the time. I kid, of course. That would imply I've ever got anywhere with a woman.
    • New Radio 1 Website
      Has anyone noticed the new Radio 1 and 1Xtra website? BBC Radio appear to have refreshed all of the radio homepages to bring them all in line with each other.
    • Favourite Features of All Time
      I think Real or No Real and the conversations that surround the facts are just brilliant, my favourite is with Greg James or Alice Levine, who are just so witty. It is a fantasticly simple but brilliant feature.  And I don't know if it was because I am a similar age to Chris, but I remember smiling through the whole of each Tap End episode. I used to laugh out loud in my car on my own. It was made better by Beccy Huxtable chipping in as well, another great personality on R1. I wonder what she is up to now? Also, who remembers the Wonder Years? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    • My thoughts on women on Radio 1
      Just to put my two penny worth in.... Clara - I think the judgements are slightly harsh on her. We have to recognise that the 10-1 slot is very music focussed on the Live Lounge and doesn't really have any other features, I think deliberately perhaps? (Aside from the Sara Cox velcro suit game, lolllllllll) Compared to Fearne, Clara is always out at gigs each night and engaging with new music and constantly chatting about that, which is just who you need for a Radio 1 presenter in this slot. Fearne on the other hand, was exceptionally past it and had clearly disengaged with new music a long time ago. She preferred to chat about what cake she has baked last night. I distinctly remember when she came back from maternity leave after Rex and co-hosted the Breakfast Show with Grimmy and they played Daft Punk - Get Lucky, which had been played to death all through the summer (she came back in Sept). She said after the record had finished that it was the first time she had heard it and I was absolutely astounded! Alice - I think she is actually one of the funniest people on Radio 1, if not the funniest. She has the driest, most sarcastic humour and I think she is absolutely hilarious. Similar humour to Matt Edmondson so I wouldn't mind if either of them took over on a weekday slot, they are both very deserving. They both know that they are never going to be tastemakers for the next Mercury awards, but they are fantastic presenters for a youth audience.  Adele - I think her move to Radio 1 was very well deserved. I only get to hear her if I work nights but always hear on the 6:45am chat with Grimmy.  She always has a lovely warm chat with Grimmy and its clear that they get on very well. The times I do hear her early show I think she is really great actually, and not that it is hard, but such a vast improvement on Gemma Cairney!
    • Track of the day bed
      I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the name of this bed is that Matt Edmondson is talking over. I've tried isolating it from the vocal and running it through a few audio identifiers but they all come up with nothing. The bed starts at 01:15:16 (no idea how to link to the exact time for radio shows) Thanks Richard