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    • Damn right, as he should. Cause that's what it is. How it should be done.   I noticed that too and thought it was weird at the time. I wonder what is was that Pete in Lancaster had to say.
    • Also clipped up every news bulletin prior to 5:45 that broke the news.  Interesting that Dev refers to "news and sport with Chris Smith", and that he says HI TO PETE IN LANCASTER without context. Very odd. Scott is far far better.
    • Today was a big incident but if there were bombs/ major attacks on public transport or reports that a large number of people had possibly been killed (like Paris or Nice), I'd say the R1 response might be different. As for the Queen, R1 will be unrecognisable. No games/features, sad music throughout the day, normal playlist abandoned. I'm sure it's difficult to judge what warrants increased Newsbeat coverage on the station but today, they obviously felt the normal schedule of bulletins was appropriate. Personally, I think there should've been more today. This is a fascinating piece on what will happen when the Queen dies and there's some quotes from Chris Price, Radio 1's Head of Music, about a song you'll only ever hear on Radio 1 when the Queen dies:
    • Surprised there weren't any additional Newsbeat updates today, but besides election/referendum results I can't think of a point in recent time when they've done more than the usual number of bulletins (in the case of elections they tend to start earlier). Saying that, I have a vague recollection of a Newsbeat update before Annie Mac's show at some point in history, but may have made this up!