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    This has been annoying me- one of the great things about RONR is the banter between Scott, Chris and the DJ and the flow of the game. It has the potential to be one of the funniest things on Radio 1 when they're on top form and the facts are funny. Stopping after 1 fact to play a song we've heard countless times is pointless and ruins the flow. It's happened a few times where they've only done 2 facts. Such a shame, especially now that they have such a good line-up with Greg on Mondays, Charlie Sloth on Tuesdays, Alice on Thursdays and Cel on Friday. They all have the potential to be hilarious and have been great the last few weeks, just drop the song in the middle and go back to 4 facts!
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    Scott and Chris 24hour Lolathon

    I think 275k is pretty amazing for 24 hours! The Gregathlon got a million but that was over a week so 5 days, it was all in daytime, got heavy promotion & regular updates on all the daytime main shows and was more of an "achievement" thing. Scott & Chris only had 6 and a half hours of primetime R1 really (Drive on Tuesday when it was only starting so the hype wasn't there yet and it hadn't hit its stride plus breakfast on Wednesday). A lot of it was evening, overnight, mid-morning, afternoon- hardly peak time. What an amazing 24 hours of radio though- the Non-Innuendo Bingo was possibly one of my favourite ever Mills moments (so hilarious), the Chris Stark roast, Sex Hour, Charlie Sloth Fat Jokes all brilliant and it really got going with Matt Edmondson, Alice Levine, Nick Grimshaw and Greg James there from about 10pm-4am. That was just the Lolathon and Radio 1 at its best and the jokes got much filthier! Only criticisms: they could've booked slightly better/bigger celebrities to come in- they got Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand etc but there could've been more big names maybe? Also- the music got really boring after a while. They must've played Lorde and Kings of Leon about 10 times each. Best bits were Ten Minute Takeover, Grimmy's picks (like Kaytranada, Florence & The XX etc- sounded amazing on late night radio and were great throwbacks to his time doing that show), Mistajam had some good ones, Workout Wednesday on Adele's slot: there should've been more of that and more variety- maybe some older tracks and ones Radio 1 hasn't played in a while. The playlist just got quite repetitive. Brilliant show, great job by Scott & Chris, hilarious, fantastic cause and loads of money raised! *hand clap emoji*
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    It doesn't help that they now shorten some songs so they can squeeze in even more of the 'popular hits'. And they've definitely upped the music quotas (again), Scott has to play a song in the middle of Real or No Real now and it's been cut down to 3 facts instead of 4. Today there was only 2 facts because he spoke to Greg for too long - Greg goes "I feel short changed, isn't there normally 3?" to which Scott responded "yes but I've got to play the hits". Sounds like they've definitely been told to play more songs / not drop them.
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    Mills to Present Radio 2 Show 10pm-2am

    It wouldn't be the first time the Radio 1 bosses have done such a thing with their best presenter(s). Losing Scott would be a huge loss though, simply down to the fact that he's head & shoulders above anyone else there imo. As regards with Scott moving to Radio 2 in the near future, it can happen and I think will work even if he has to adapt a little. But by the time/if he goes R2, it'll have a different sound to now. I think pre 1980 music will feature a lot less, if at all during daytime hours. Look at it this way, Radio 2 is a changing station even more so than Radio 1. How many presenters during Scott's Radio 1 years (or slightly before) work on Radio 2 now? Chris Evans, Simon Mayo, Sara Cox, Dave Pearce, Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley etc. Plus one off shows. Not only that but I think some long standing presenters will be moving on from there over the next 5 years to make room. Radio 2 took a big controversial decision with cutting "Sounds of the 60's", wrong or right they are moving to a different age themselves. They are aiming to pull in people like me, from their late 20's who've long outgrown Radio 1 to people approaching 50 now. I gotta admit they are winning me over as well.
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    Scott and Chris 24hour Lolathon

    I've uploaded all of the shows to the website - http://unofficialmills.co.uk/mp3downloads/download/lolathon/ They could do with being clipped to just the speech but for now they're there so we know we have them.
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    Noooooooooo! I don't want to lose Mills! Even if he's 42, he still is the best DJ Radio 1 has got. Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Scott and Chris 24hour Lolathon

    Harry Hill and Lee Nelson on in the last hour. Both massive WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's, in my opinion!
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    I have to agree with you guys. I don't mind amount of music during Scott's and Greg's shows but in the first part of the day it's just unbearable. Clara's show has no content at all and the worst thing it just does not sound good unlike Capital or other commercial rivals. And the breakfast show sounds tired. In fact, I think that drivetime show sounds better than the breakfast one which is a shame and a main issue Radio 1 keep losing listeners IMO. On the other hand, I love weekend output. Dev's great so is Matt, Alice and Danny.
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    I agree, I think Annie's great but not right for that show, Jam is way better at Mon-Thur 7-9, Danny can go back to just saturdays cause he's a bit meh, and I'd like Annie to do more daytime stuff as she's a great presenter but way more suited to daytimes somewhere! Also, time for the rock show to bugger off so we can have Dan & Phil back!
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    As I mentioned in the chatbox, Bauer stations are broadcasting the brits this year, between 7 and 11pm, I believe they may have snagged exclusive radio rights to it for the next few years. As I type this, Alice and Clara from R1 are on ITV2 doing the red carpet show, which I think is just pre recorded interviews and some montages. Update: Tried to listen to the networked Bauer show, gave up after 5 minutes, truly awful, even by Bauer standards
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    The new chart style

    I actually like it the way it is. Sorry to say but the chart has become pretty much irrelevant for me and I suspect many others nowadays. It just doesn't have the same buzz or excitement it used to. I also think streaming being included has devalued the number 1- we've only had 2 number 1s in 3 months or something (Shape of You and Rockabye)- boring. Radio-wise, I miss Greg's normal Friday show. I'd much rather have Feet Up Friday back than listen to the chart. I also love Dance Anthems and tune in especially for that at 6- great show, sounds huge and is perfect for the weekend. That slot has traditionally been like that too (Ready for the Weekend and Floorfillers with Scott (whoooo)). I suggested it at the time and I'd favour it moving to Clara's slot, it gets nearly 3 hours like before but doesn't clog up one of the main personality shows. Greg's one of the best Chart presenters but I feel he's wasted doing it- Clara was good and a huge upgrade on Jameela in the time she did it on Sundays. I do miss the Reggie Yates Sunday 4pm days though if I'm honest- the chart belongs there and Reggie was perfect as a presenter (and Scott used to be the main cover which was always a nice surprise on a Sunday). Anyway, times have changed
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    Ant L

    2016 Power Intros

    Nerd alert. Dev had a discussion this morning about his new jingles, and also mentioned why he didn't use the old ones. 24 mins into this morning's show.
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    Scott Mills bangers track

    It's a library track called Hashtag Bass, you'll find it on the Promo Beats album from No Sheet Music. https://www.nosheetmusic.tv/#//album/promo-beats/ He's used a couple of other tracks off there as beds as well (Reflected Illusions and Techno Junkie), and Jellyfish Groove, Don't Go Back to Glitchville and Hold The Lights are from other albums on that site.
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    Who's Been Stealing Scott's Ideas?

    Grimmy's going to see the new Fifty Shades film with Alan Carr tonight. A Radio 1 DJ going to see Fifty Shades of Grey with a much older and eccentric celebrity - what an original idea!
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    Greg for Capital breakfast?

    Well firstly, he doesn't work for BBC News so the need to be balanced isn't as important and the things he posts on social media are to try and make positive cases to his followers as well as being funny so can't see anything wrong with that. Not like he's slagging off Theresa May or being really political- it's his private account anyway. Secondly, I would put money on Greg not being the new Capital Breakfast host. I'd say it'll be Will Manning or Roman Kemp- two brilliant presenters Capital already have who would be perfect for the target audience and would fit in with George and Lilah. Greg's style is just SO different to Capital- his games, features, chats with Chris Smith, use of language and expression etc wouldn't go with the Capital style. He has so much freedom on Radio 1, gets to do other things like Children in Need, the Gregathlon and has been allowed to take the BT Sport cricket job (if he took Capital Breakfast, he'd have to quit the cricket job because most of it's in the middle of the night). And of course, he's probably next in line for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Really can't see it happening
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    Phil Clifton?

    Seems unlikely, for several reasons. 1) He'd be an external appointment. Radio 1 tend not to bring in people from outside to host the breakfast show unless they're very well known, and even then, they haven't done so since the mid-nineties (Chris Evans and Zoe Ball being the two most recent, and even Zoe was paired up with Kevin Greening who was doing drive prior to the breakfast show). Phil is pretty much a non-entity, all he's done outside of X is a bit of stuff for Channel 4 and MTV, so why they'd pluck him out of obscurity for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show is beyond me. 2) He's 32. Enough said. 3) He's never done personality radio before. X probably let him show a bit of personality, but nothing close to the levels required for filling 17.5 hours a week. He's got no experience, so hiring him for that show would be a big risk (unless they were going for a more music breakfast show, but look how well that worked out during Grimshaw's tenure). 4) It's replacing like for like. Grimmy is a trendy hipster-like bloke from the north. Phil Clifton is a trendy hipster-like bloke from north. Chris Moyles even went as far as describing Phil Clifton as a "crap Grimmy" once. 5) The Wikipedia edit has very crude attention to detail. "He Left Radio x in December 2016 so he take over from Nick Grimshaw on The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. He will be Presenting the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show From April 2017." Seems more like a (very obscure) fraudulent edit than an accidental premature leak of inside information. Then again, Ben Cooper does have a tendency to make unexpected (read: poor) decisions, so who knows.
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    Let's play Who Tennis online!

    R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet WhooOOOOooooOoOoooOoooOOOoOooOOooOOooOoO!!!!!! Just a reminder...
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    Clean versions of songs

    Radio 1 are a different ball game to commercial radio, which is seen with sexual being turned to sensual (but no idea where they source that kind of edit though) Most of the muted swear words are added by the promo companies and record labels, we have some email us for the community station I work at, they prove the original track and a clean radio edit, from what I can tell all these radio edits sound the same so if it's deemed ok by the music team they'll just use the version sent to them like we do.
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    2016 Power Intros

    I'd agree with you there - power intros tend to make the playlist sound more repetitive, even if they're not. I think the first song at the TOH and BOH would suffice, then do manual segues into the second song. That's what they used to do with the 1tros (although I think back then the segues were premixed). Also, a great anorak tip: Dev's shows are always goldmines for idents and sweepers. He tends to play the new ones, and his segues are usually quite sloppy so there's a bit of a gap between the end of the ID and the start of the song - result: the latest clean jingles in full.
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    Grimmy Loses Listeners Again

    The wooden panels of Radio 2 await him maybe? Although if you'd of told me in 2006 that Scott would still be on Radio 1 in 10 years time I wouldn't of been suprised. He continues to be the best on the daytime lineup, he deserves to stop on another 10 imo. He started alongside the likes of Chris Moyles, Mark & Lard, Simon Mayo, Clive Warren etc and is the only one left at Radio 1 who can turn his hand to anything. I mean thinking about different situations. If an event on the scale of 9/11 happened today could anyone on there apart from Scott be trusted to handle that properly on air...
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    When Chris Tarrant gives you a cheque then takes it back saying But we don't wanna give you that. And rips it up in front of you. Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    I know the amount of music on radio 1 is becoming annoying. I know it's a music station but if I just wanted to listen to music with no funniness I could just listen to the radio 1 playlist on Spotify!
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    I still stand by the fact that the show sounded pretty fresh and fun in 2012 and 2013, but since Fincham's departure, I feel it's gone on a downward trajectory. However, saying that, Moyles' Radio X show is really quite poor. The "half hour chat" is full of pauses, erms and boring bits. It's also always very Chris-centric. I listened this morning and in fairness it's the first time I've properly laughed twice at the radio in ages, but it just all sounded a bit unnecessarily drawn out. And naff imaging. Everything feels redundant.
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    Seeing as this spambot bumped this thread up, I thought I'd make a montage of a few occasions Greg used the Porter Robinson instrumental to start the show. I have the first use of it from the 3rd May 2012, then 23rd July 2012 (Greg's first show after Chris Moyles announced he was leaving, to add context to it), 14th September 2012, 7th January 2012 and the last use of it on 9th May 2014. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6VxngX4qhYva0hBN2JvakY0UWc/view?usp=sharing