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  1. The "launchpad to your weekend" jingle is a fantastic piece of work, the steeo image sounds great in the car or on a good set of speakers/headphones.
  2. Anne O Rack


    They use VCS as the playout software. It's a suite of applications - the elements you will see often in front of the presenter are the cartwall and onair control (running order). The former is a touch screen Windows application and the latter is controlled using the wooden control panel on the desk and is also is Windows application (originally was unix). The content for either can be edited via the software on the PCs. On the photo attached it is the second and third screens on the desk, however, they are logged out. The cartwall is a load of coloured blocks in normal operation.
  3. The Xmas bangers show was pretty good, although they did kind of imply for people to get in touch via the hashtag. No texts or emails (for us old codgers and anyone that knows what memorex is!!!) being read out or advertised, so pretty obvious it was on tape.
  4. Just had a random thought pop into my head; what were all of the albums on Scott Mills' Masterpieces for each year? I know there's a load of stuff on the internet for Zane's but for this parody feature there exists little. Some might say it would be good to be expunged from public view haha but my curiousity has got the better of me this evening... I do remember them playing Busted one year when I was slaving away in the university library and tuned to Radio 1. Secret guilty pleasure that was that and spurred me to write more on my dissertation. You'd think eh? Over to you...
  5. Not a massive fan of the summer mix, not much interactivity (a la nixtape) and I do miss the 10 min takeover, as you weren't ever sure what would get requested (although some people were proper boring and requested playlist stuff!). If i wanted to listen to a mix of music for an hour, I'd stick a CD on. It feels like pretty lazy programming.
  6. They used to use the text console from WIN, no idea if they still use WIN.
  7. I feel like a complete geek posting this, but I noticed yesterday that the RDS on my car's radio for Radio 1 had changed 'BBC R1 from its usual 'Radio 1'. Have they ditched the Radio 1 branding to align in with the other BBC radio stations on FM - e.g. 'BBC R2/3/4' etc - or was it a technical problem? Anyone else's displaying BBC R1? *firmly zips anorak*
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/webcam/webcam1/ here's the webcam page but it's no longer linked from the website. You now also have to register to message the studio, which will probably put many people off. It's a shame they don't advertise the email addresses anymore, or the text number on the main page.
  9. Just heard the new package in action and it is certainly the definition of bland, nothing really stands out and gets me to listen as the old Newsbeat packages did. Don't know about the whole listen/watch/share strapline, it just sounds a bit naff - and even though there is drive to make radio multi-platform these days during events, I don't think watch really works most of the time as the roving webcams are off, and they are deviating from what the whole point of R1 is, a radio station!
  10. Not so much a cockup,but they just played out a 1tro'd version of Alicia's Empire state of mind. Twas a nice surprise.
  11. Haha, I loved Scott's masterpieces, even though I had to iplayer it. I do wonder about some of the people that ring in though like the girl before asking if they could do Basshunter's masterpieces. :s
  12. Most likely that there is someone in the studio monitoring the feed and firing jingles/songs as necessary. You can often tell when they are doing this anyway as the voices sound a bit more mushed (and subtly different, due to the different setup at LR and being fed down ISDN) than the actual songs, which are played back in the studio. Moyles is probably doing most of the mic fading, but the sound truck does the adding of effects, I seem to remember them asking bloke in the truck to add stereo flange and echo. That would seem about right anyway, the OB mixing desk for the presenter seems rather barebones and from the looks of it I wouldn't expect it to do fancy stuff.
  13. Aha, the final one did make me laugh . It is probably quite true, I've done pre records before and sometimes the mind and voice does wander 'cos you sometimes get sick of having to not say certain things and trying your best to make it sound like it's live-ish and not on memorex. You've also got to not accidentally drop in references that might make it sound like it's taped. Sometimes, there is occasionally an element of 'fúck it' and hence the not sounding too cheery on occasions. Plus, sometimes pre-records are done at awkward hours, or times when you just want to go home - I don't blame people sometimes for the lack of enthusiasm. Also, another one is to listen out for mistakes made during the recording that accidentally go on air, and are badly edited out, or not at all ... there is a clip floating around somewhere on t'internet of Spoony (I think?) cocking up a link and then saying a naughty word and and something along the lines of let's re-record that. Other ones are, listen out for the sound quality. I do seem to remember some Christmases ago on one of the pre-rec Scott Mills shows the audio quality was atrocious; obviously someone must have pinched the sound clips off some website or podcast and reused them on air. 64kbps mp3 eat your heart out.
  14. Here's a wee tour of the studio from our lovely Fearne Cotton
  15. Sorry this made me spit me tea out over the keyboard Love the choice of name, slightly cheesy, short and bound to attract attention.
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