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  1. Hiya, I started wondering what the Future Sounds Show will look like when Clara takes over. What will change and which features will be kept and which removed? What do you think and what would you like? What is known is that it will definitely remain the hottest record in the world, as it is Radio 1's showcase and they are very proud of it. But what about the rest? Will there be a people party playlist? Live gig? What might be added? I'm afraid Clara won't be as lively as Annie and won't speak as well during songs as Annie did. Also the mixing and transitioning between songs may be a bit weaker, but we'll see I suspect they will change the imaging and the jingles will relate more strongly to the BBC R1 character.
  2. Oh, I agree with you so much. The anthems are good, but if they did more of them it would be much better. Even after the first song in the mix I know what's coming next. It's just boring. As for other opinions - Greg was better in the afternoon and the music on the station should have more rotation because after a few weeks with the same playlist I get tired and have to stop listening to Radio 1 for a few days.
  3. Does this mean they are leaving Radio 1?
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    Sian Eleri

    Does anyone know if Sian Eleri runs her shows from Broadcasting House in London or is she in Wales?
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  6. Does anyone know the names of beds music that Annie Mac uses in her programmes? Are these any songs or music created especially for the BBC? Are they available somewhere on the Internet? I think that the images that Anna has are brilliant.
  7. "The airwaves are getting a shake-up net year, and the Radio 1 family will be welcoming on board a trio of new presenters in the form of Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, who are set to launch a 9-11pm show from April onwards." http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3BpyZTV1g77WtCXY1qbWRmM/12-reasons-why-2019-is-going-to-be-amazing
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