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  1. Part of me thinks it could be that Chris is leaving?
  2. Jordan doing a show every single day... why does he not have a better permanent slot yet?
  3. Been trying to figure this out for a while now so would appreciate some help on it... I remember hearing Moyles for a long time as my dad was a big fan (I loved Carpark Catchphrase). My earliest recollections of listening to Scott are around the time Flirt Divert finished and when he used to do phone-5s (press the number 5 on the keypad to callers). Any idea roughly when those were?
  4. He said on the first show that it'll just be one best bit from the show, rather than one with everything in like Scott's
  5. 51 minute podcast! Very impressed. Hopefully they'll keep it up and that'll push Scott's podcasts longer
  6. Just caught up with the end of Chris' Friday podcast and he's on with Jordan on Monday
  7. Yep, I think they must have done it by accident, I listened to it on Pocketcasts and it's removed the episode already. Looks like it's only 47 seconds now, it was closer to 3-4 minutes when I heard it
  8. New Greg podcast announcing that he's going daily! Plus a sneak peek at the imaging https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06hqn8p
  9. Another interview with Greg... https://www.standard.co.uk/stayingin/greg-james-reveals-all-on-pranks-pay-and-5am-starts-as-he-prepares-to-take-over-as-bbc-radio-1-a3911431.html Lots similar to the Guardian interview but I found this bit interesting: Wonder if that's a little dig at Grimmy?
  10. Greg's doing a live chat on the Guardian at the moment, some very interesting answers to questions! Few of my faves below... https://www.theguardian.com/music/live/2018/aug/10/greg-james-webchat-bbc-radio-1-breakfast-show
  11. Doesn't seem to have been any announcement in Newsbeat? EDIT: Realised it's tomorrow not today



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