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  1. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Strange that they've only just changed Scott to Dev and Alice next week. That would mean he's off for two weeks as the week after is Eurovision week.
  2. i would say that eurovision is the reason too. that would be 3 weeks off 1-4 within the space of a month. That being said i can also see Matt & Mollie being the go to cover from now on anyway. It stops the weekday schedule being interrupted and ties in with the weekend schedule nicely.
  3. yeah I have to admit I went to sleep after Unexpected Fluids hour. Felt like they peaked at 10pm when all the DJs came in at the same time, should’ve been spread out more because we didn’t even get to hear some of them! also can’t felt but feel they’re disappointed by the total. Only at £32K so I can’t blame them. Can’t see it happening again if they don’t get that total up asap.
  4. I feel like i’ll find it boring in the morning because the rude part has been SO good. I still listen to the 9-4am part from 2017 all the time because its Scott and Chris at their absolute best. Loving this.
  5. They confirmed this week that Fearne Cotton will cover Zoe Ball’s show, with Matt Lucas covering on bank holidays
  6. Sure they said it wasn’t that on Monday
  7. I really hope it’s another lolathon (which is probably one of the best things Scott and Chris have ever done) and we’re just being dramatic! Could be something to do with Bamboleo? They were being cryptic about the announcement being on a Wednesday.
  8. Hate when Scott is associated with a ‘big announcement’ because it always gives me the fears he’s leaving
  9. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Don’t often like to listen to the SRA shows as I get incredibly jealous , but I had a listen to both and Adam is pretty good! Right delivery and tone for the show, wouldn’t mind hearing him again. Nikki chose some great tracks on NYE too though, so that won me over
  10. I think we’re all in the same boat here the only reason she’s still on is because she’s relatively new (and famous) and it would embarrassing to let her go so soon. She didn’t exactly have the smoothest introduction to R1 with the old tweets scandal, so that could be part of the problem as to why she doesn’t seem heavily a part of the R1 christmas family, but the fact she doesn’t cover anyone else’s shows just gives off a ‘name in lights’ vibe for me, she’s not there to work her way up the hard way. Not to mention her shows sound like she just turned up and rattles off her thoughts on the spot... Can’t see her lasting 2019 anyway, she’ll most likely decide to leave for TV commitments.
  11. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Reckon that the site may have not been checked properly before that was posted. I can't see why Dev would still be presenting at that point!
  12. Definitely agree. I think that it’s a nice idea but its spread out over a large portion of the peak listening time of the show and a tediously long package of it has been repeated numerous times throughout the day on every show, which makes it seem even more preachy
  13. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Agree - Adele and Chris have sounded good today! If she wasn’t drafted in last minute it could’ve been even better I saw Scott was due to play out an interview with Claude from the Apprentice today, which has obviously been put back until hes back, which is why the show has been a bit thin for content today!
  14. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    This would be a perfect chance to let Chris host the show solo in my eyes!
  15. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Adele Roberts in for Scott today because Scott is ill! Interesting as Adele already had a day booked off
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