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  1. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Arielle is also staying on until 6:30 next friday to cover best new pop for mollie
  2. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Just came on here to say the same thing, rarely listen to Jack because indie's not my thing but he sounded really good tonight!
  3. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Its supposed to be in the style of the specialist show in question though because its a takeover, so I suspect it will be the same imaging as The Chillest Show
  4. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    So this is very interesting Bank Holiday Monday (26th August) Radio 1 are doing a nighttime takeover with the following shows 07:00 The Chillest Show with Phil Taggart 10:00 Ricky, Melvin & Charlie 13:00 Pete Tong 16:00 Indie Show with Jack Saunders 19:00 Dan P Carter 22:00 Benji B
  5. I'll be the lone Grimmy fan here and say I think he gets a hard time here. He has an incredible skill of making his shows sound natural but still entertaining and that can be very difficult to pull off for many presenters. I'm a bit lukewarm on Jordan North taking over drive. He's a good presenter but having Greg on breakfast and Jordan on drive all feels too... safe, and we know radio 1 don't like to play safe. Grimmy and Greg have opposite personalities to appeal to different people in Radio 1's demographic during their flagship weekday shows (hence why you usually hear people prefer one to the other), and Greg and Jordan seem to appeal to the same type of people. I personally enjoyed Alice Levine covering on Thursday, but I don't think we'll ever see a scenario where Dev & Alice take over 4-7.
  6. there is every year yet the rule is often broken or ignored. its the only reason i can think of as to why the radio 1 content for big weekend this year has been quite dire
  7. i think with big weekend being fully live there was always the issue of swearing pre-watershed and a lot of the acts would break that rule despite being told not to, so maybe that’s why they aren’t broadcasting as live like usual? A shame indeed as I preferred the pre-2018 BW coverage but I suppose if it stops them from getting into hot water it makes sense
  8. LSR1

    Schedule Changes

    Strange that they've only just changed Scott to Dev and Alice next week. That would mean he's off for two weeks as the week after is Eurovision week.
  9. i would say that eurovision is the reason too. that would be 3 weeks off 1-4 within the space of a month. That being said i can also see Matt & Mollie being the go to cover from now on anyway. It stops the weekday schedule being interrupted and ties in with the weekend schedule nicely.
  10. yeah I have to admit I went to sleep after Unexpected Fluids hour. Felt like they peaked at 10pm when all the DJs came in at the same time, should’ve been spread out more because we didn’t even get to hear some of them! also can’t felt but feel they’re disappointed by the total. Only at £32K so I can’t blame them. Can’t see it happening again if they don’t get that total up asap.
  11. I feel like i’ll find it boring in the morning because the rude part has been SO good. I still listen to the 9-4am part from 2017 all the time because its Scott and Chris at their absolute best. Loving this.
  12. They confirmed this week that Fearne Cotton will cover Zoe Ball’s show, with Matt Lucas covering on bank holidays
  13. Sure they said it wasn’t that on Monday
  14. I really hope it’s another lolathon (which is probably one of the best things Scott and Chris have ever done) and we’re just being dramatic! Could be something to do with Bamboleo? They were being cryptic about the announcement being on a Wednesday.
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