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  1. Maybe a weekend show, and a podcast for sure. That seems to be Stark’s future career path. Arielle probably not quite as tight as Charlie for the format so in all senses Charlie should be perfect, it’s quite a commercial shift, reaches the biggest audience of any dance show, or something along those lines.
  2. Things change, and you can’t have the same dep forever. That being said, Scott and Chris together are a much stronger youth radio breakfast proposition, well targeted, clever features, and on target talking points, and the perfect about of content, rather than Matt and Mollie crashing in with their cheesy features/talking points and lack of content. Radio 2, you never know.
  3. There’s a logic in having 1-4 and 4-7 different on a Friday, 10-1 and breakfast changing is ratings suicide. There’s obviously a reason scott and Chris haven’t been first choice for deps this year, they still sound spot on for Radio 1, so it’s odd logic considering Matt and Mollie are hardly the exciting new talent. I can’t imagine Stark with Dev and Alice, if that was the case you’d put just dev or just Alice with him, as has been done previously. It would dilute the duo’s brand brand, so having a duo cover Scott means no stark. The weekend/Friday logic is to have a unified schedule for Friday-Sunday, which for a multitude of evident and less evident reasons is not ideal, especially with Mornings, but that will be the 6am reason. I think the less profile Adele has on the network is probably for the best, considering her style is very much for target for the target demo.
  4. Sophie K interesting, they seem to be alternating, because my thought was Abbie Mcarthy was a more mainstream, and carefully on target presenter to cover, but we’ll see. Charlie covering dance anthems is good, should essentially be what Adele was doing, but more on target, and younger in terms of style.
  5. I get the idea with weekend afternoons covering weekday afternoons etc, but it makes no sense doing it blindly like that.
  6. Always enjoy hearing those two, they’ve really come into their own as a duo. I’d prefer Jordan to cover 1-4 and then to be Grim’s cover on drive when you think about it, the personality duo with a lot of potential should probably get the drive cover, and the standard solo music presenter with some potential should cover afternoons.
  7. Maybe, although I do wonder if it’s more a case of everyone being more open about these things in 2019, compared to when Scott started in the late 90s, and I think he feels much more comfortable and himself on air these days.
  8. Hadn’t noticed it, but now you say it, he has started being more open about his life. As you say, good on him 😀.
  9. There’s no way another breakfast host will last 6-8 years after Moyles. It needs to refresh much quicker than that, Moyles staying so long left radio 1 in a tricky situation, not to mention, Greg’s breakfast era is really most likely a transitional show before the new big radio 1 DJs break through.
  10. During this past year, I’d been strongly of the opinion Scott and Chris seemed to be winding down their show, and with events like Innuendo Bingo and the Lolathon seeming a bit like a swan song, and the show’s content sounding a bit tired, as if they knew the show was coming to an end, not to mention Scott’s Radio 2 covers, it seemed enevitable. However, during the past few weeks, from listening, they have massively stepped up, they have an intro and some proper custom imaging, some podcasts are over 40 minutes, and they’re back with a vengence, sounding fresher than ever. They sound so fresh and on target, I honestly think that if there were plans for them to leave as suspected, they must have changed. They can’t leave when they’re sounding this good. Two theories - they’ve signed another deal for 1-4pm for a few more years, or - and this is very out there - I’m all but certain Grimmy on drive was a contractual complication, and he won’t see out the year, it’s the laziest show I’ve ever heard, it’s gone downhill massively. So my second theory is, seeing as Radio 1 don’t have some huge young new talent that can take over Breakfast and drive, (hence Greg being a excellent guardian for the slot until the next generation of DJs for radio 1 breaks through in 2-3 years), what if they were to put Scott and Chris back onto drive for 2-3 years, until someone else is ready. Then Greg and Scott will move on in a few years, and Radio 1 will have got some fresh new young DJs by then that are ready to take over the shows. What do you think? The only reason I think this is possible is because their afternoon show has had a huge refresh and they sound better than ever. Can you see this happening?
  11. I hope we see him get some prime time cover work for Radio 2 then, as they seem to have sidelined him from breakfast cover over Matt and Mollie, as you said.
  12. I agree. I could see him doing drive or breakfast on radio 2 some point down the line
  13. Radio 2 also play current chart music, but yeah it’s be a massive transition as well, and I’m sure radio 2 could be Scott’s chance to eventually have a good run on breakfast or drive again.
  14. I’m sure when his time on radio 1 wraps up he’ll have a massively successful career on radio 2, fingers crossed.
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