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    Been seeing a few quotes on Twitter today from a speech Greg gave at some European Radio Conference. To summarise, Greg really doubling down on the whole "the listeners are more interesting than me so I make it about them" thing. Honestly, I can't say I agree. If that's the case then anyone could be doing the show - the reason Greg does it is because listeners are interested in him and his stories. He never used to do that shtick in the afternoons - it was HIS show, so I don't know where the whole modesty thing comes from. It's almost like he's embarassed to be there. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy listener's stories when they're funny and weird like on Scott's show, but not when they're the main attraction. I DO want to hear banter between presenters and stories from their own lives, that's why I listen - I've built up that relationship with the presenter over the years. I'm really sad about how little Greg's breakfast show does for me, I'd wanted him to get the gig for years and I really wanted to like the show but whenever I listen I just get fed up with how safe it is. And I used to love his afternoon show with Chris Smith. Haven't listened for months, although with local breakfast shows on Capital ending I'm not sure where I'll end up. Danny Mylo on Pulse 1 in West Yorkshire does a good show. Maybe I'll come back to Greg at some point, but for now I've gone right off.
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    Hi guys. Is there a way to download the whole show -with music- outside the UK? I found this but is asking me to pay? http://goodmoodsoft.com/app/47 Any advice? Thanks in advance
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    The Chilean

    The whole show for international fans

    Took me a while. Now it´s working. Listening now on my phone top quality. Needed so much to listen to this first in the morning. You've made my days a lot better. Thanks a lot.
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    It needs a Radio 1.5, as many describe it Maybe call it Radio 1 plus Fronted by someone like Scott, Greg Dev and all Get people like Fearne Cotton on it and Trevor Nelson Dave Pearce Could be as per R1 from 7pm-630am Breakfast Scott weekdays 10-1 Fearne Cotton 1-4 Dev 4-7 Dave Pearce Weekends Breakfast Alice 10-1 Huw Stevens 1-4 Trevor Nelson Sat and someone else Sun 4-7 someone new?
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    that's a really good point.
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    Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2

    It’s a joke post I saw on twitter from another forum digital spy. I just wanted to get a laugh out of people that’s all.
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    Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2

    I’m guessing from the tone of it, that the whole thing is a joke and is based on the fact that Radio 2 has changed quite a lot in the last few years and the fact that quite a lot of people aren’t that happy about it. I don’t think it’s anything to get too annoyed about.
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    Annie Mac 7-9pm weekdays for new music. People always make digs on here about Capital and the like. Maybe some don't like the music (a lot of the target demo do), maybe you don't like the high rotation (it works for their aim), maybe you don't like the quick links or style (up to you), but none of that means it isn't a very high quality product, incredibly slick, and employs very very talented people, talented in a fast paced, less obvious way than the likes of Radio 1 DJs. It's not massively my cup of tea, but it's very good at what it does.
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    Lee E

    Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2

    I listened to the whole show and thought he was absolutely briliant, at home, on target and sounded amzingly different but the same if that makes sense I felt it was more "him" as in he was being himself more and we heard more of his personality coming out as opposed to quick fire segs on R1 and links I reckon he spoke for more time yesterday on R2 than he has done on R1 for a long time He showed a "mature" approach and adapted well but still some of the Scott we know and love coming out If i was to vote it was a yassss from me, bring him on again and I would even go as far to say, if he moved to R2 I would quit R1 and not even bother with Greg anymore Loved the bants with Sally Traffic and loved the music, seemed more up his street than R1 ever does and even he commented that it wasnt constant Drake i think in a link I tweeted him with some love after as well and had a reply which made my day
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    Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2

    Much rather he stayed with the BBC than crashed out to commercial radio though.
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    From the way this is going, it feels like Greg is just a temporary host until they can find someone dynamic and different. He’s bland on Breakfast. I almost wish Grimmy had stayed on.
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    Schedule Changes

    Just updated the forum plugin, let me know if you still have issues guys.
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    I liked it when Greg took over breakfast from Nick.. That first show was iconic. So Greg James
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    I forget about that!! That was 5* Radio right there. Always funny. So much money raised as well. Ah if only he could return.. R1 could do with him to bring back listeners
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    Matt filled in for Scott and did the feature one day. As they were wheeling Sloth out, they caught the ‘big red’ reset button and took R1 off air. Judging by the way Matt was when they came back on air 20 minutes later (they went to emergency music) it was clear that wasn’t planned. Matt a while later admitted what had happened.
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    That was hilarious, I'd totally forgotten about that! The whole thing is on the Radio 1 Archive though: https://ia902900.us.archive.org/8/items/20160814_201808/20161025 In for Scott Mills.mp3
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