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    • So Scott won!  Equally as surprised that Nick was up for his trainwreck of a show. It really has lost any sense of direction, momentum and occasion - just blasting out the playlist with some shitty entertainment bulletin for filler and a few comments on what's trending at the moment.  Back when Matt & Ian were on R1 Breakfast production, the show did "extra" things (think - sending Ian out to ask if Beyonce was staying at a hotel in London, think sending Ian out in a pizza hat, think touring colleges and schools, think outside broadcasts, think features...) but everything now just feels very "done". It's almost like Nick is in autopilot now.  All links seem to follow this format - "Ten minutes past seven on Monday the 21st September on BBC Radio 1. Still to come, (guest) will be live on the show after eight o clock this morning" AND he's stopped bothering talking up to the vocals, or playing tracks out after a punchline. It's really sloppy. Started the show this morning with some Christmas music or something, so much for the show being the most important on the station.  I daresay the end is nigh.   
    • Thoughts. And lots of them.  1Xtra is a black youth station. It's only on DAB (not FM, like Radio 1) and has a considerably smaller budget than Radio 1. It fits the remit of the BBC core values and helps them cater to an audience woefully underpresented in the media industry. But Charlie Sloth makes the station... well... shite.  After appointing former Spotify guy as Head Of Music, I feared that this guy would influence BBB and the others into something such as this. It's worrying, and it's not what radio should be.  Finally, I can't stress this enough, the RAJARs of stations such as Capital and KISS were largely unchanged. That means, no matter how much Ben Cooper wants you to believe it, young people are still listening to radio! The issue lies with where that lost audience actually is. Have they decided to listen to Capital? Millions of people haven't all collectively gone "actually radio is rubbish, let's stop listening" in the last month. This is an issue with poor scheduling, poor execution and a lack of fresh content. And less BBC-wide advertising.
    • Why is everyone so obsessed with changing the schedule to be practically polar opposite?  And, sorry @Jacob_, but you can't call yourself a fan of radio if Cel Spellman is the kind of person you'd give more airtime to....
    • He's going to The Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Shame to see him leave Scott's show- seemed like a great producer and there has been some brilliant content, features and games while he's been there. I think it says a lot that Scott made a point of mentioning on-air the departures of Will and Chris Sawyer- he clearly appreciated them and their contributions to the team.