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Katie Thistleton to join Going Home


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I'm not convinced its a last minute decision, I just reckon the logistics of it needed more time to work out (e.g. will Katie be in London for the show or Salford, who would go into Katie's slot). So I reckon they announced Jamie first because they had to get on the front-foot from a PR perspective after Jordan's departure - but then once all the above was resolved they can announce the Katie addition.

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Would love to know the full story behind the Going Home situation eventually. But we seem to have ended up in a decent place - Katie has long deserved weekdays so it's great to finally see her get a role. She seemed the obvious replacement for Jordan on his departure.

I do wonder if part of this is down to the backlash to Jamie's appointment or maybe even off-air pilots not being great with just Vick & Jamie.

Otherwise why not announce Katie joining when you announced Jamie becoming part of Going Home - it would've quelled a fair bit of the backlash for sure.

Do wonder if it may be a case though that one of Vick or more likely Jamie might then disappear after a year and you have Katie then with whoever remains.

Does mean Katie is moving to LONDON?!!

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Katie joining will definitely tone it down and potentially bring more normality to the show and the relatable factor which may have got lost in this show otherwise.

You can see why Aled has done what he has done and it's a good job. D&V did need to go or be split up and drive needed someone like Katie

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Katie’s Insta post almost made me teary - she’s so great. And when she says how much shock she’s in - plus how shocked she was at the Jordan news, makes me think this has all been done very, very quickly. Last week she was on holiday, this weekend she’s still doing her usual shows. 

Really feels that with the Jordan news they’ve realised they quickly need to sort weekdays. It’s a very unusual time of year to be making big changes - they normally wait till September.

And weekdays do now look much stronger. But now they need to sort weekends. Not looking forward to three days of Nat and Vicky - is that really a good idea? 

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Katie in her post put a picture of champagne glasses coming together and it looks like it's from when she was on holiday. So might not have been long.

I wonder if Vick might have had a say in things. With the likelihood of sounding like I am overreading things but Vick and Katie look more hugged together than with Jamie. 

I think Aled should have been a bit more brave and moved Dean and Vicky on.  It's nothing personal but it's just not worked. Vicky was on BBC Manchester and could see her going back there.

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Well, this has me turning the radio off on Friday and Saturday when Katie leaves that slot! So pleased for her though, she comes across as such a genuine and warm person, her announcement makes it really feel like this was a surprise offer to her. I can't help but feel that I wish she had been given her own weekday show - I would have loved her to be taking over from RMC.

But, she seems happy, she's joining drive time which is obviously a huge gig, and I wish her all of the success from here. I hope she doesn't get dragged into any of the Jamie-related backlash, she is a true asset to the station and deserves to be treated as so. (I was a fan of Jamie when he joined Matt, but the announcement doesn't seem to have gone down well on socials).

I hope this is a bit of a stop-gap I suppose, and that Katie gets to break free from this trio not too far in the future - she is definitely worthy and deserving of her own show.

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Probably if she didn’t get moved up to join drive she could’ve ended up on a station like Capital with him. Atleast if Jamie Laing doesn’t last long on the station like when 1 Xtra signed DJ Cuppy. least they have a presenting team that someone did leave out of the team that they have someone to remain and give a sense of continuity. Given the fact that nearly every daytime programme is done as a team of presenters and not just one presenter it opens the station up to more regular changes between presenters.


31 minutes ago, coffeeandgin said:

I imagine Jordan must be pleased too to see his good friend Katie end up on Going Home following the departure and also moving down to that there London too so no doubt he, Vick and Katie will all still catch up every so often even if it’s off-air.



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14 hours ago, StormcloudR1 said:

I'm not convinced its a last minute decision, I just reckon the logistics of it needed more time to work out (e.g. will Katie be in London for the show or Salford, who would go into Katie's slot). So I reckon they announced Jamie first because they had to get on the front-foot from a PR perspective after Jordan's departure - but then once all the above was resolved they can announce the Katie addition.

I agree…I think it’s been a big decision for her to relocate to London. 

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Great news that Katie is joining Going Home full time. More than well deserved after working her way up, plus as good as being part of the Going Home team anyway. I'm not getting the recruitment of Jamie Laing tbf, especially after this announcement. The last thing we really needed was another trio on daytimes. It could go either way.. it'll either somehow work or it'll sound very crowded and disjointed. Will be interested to see if he's in it for the long haul, or whether he'll be quietly dropped as time goes on.


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    • Lovely to see Adele hyping up Sam and Danni in Cardiff today on Instagram. 
    • Arielle is in Dubai and Ibiza - I think she has pre-recorded her new show this week (at least that’s what it looked like from her Insta stories on Thursday) I think if Katie is off it will mostly likely be Matt - he’s the only other one who has presented with Jamie before 
    • I feel like it'd be more likely to be an early breakfast presenter than someone like james if they went down this route. Perhaps it might complicate matters (but I do completely agree with everyone saying it'd be better) and they're just waiting for July to come round and for it to be over. I believe you said it on digital spy @coffeeandgin that James is long overdue and deserves a slot on the station and I still think he was kept back from a temp show because of the weekend announcement yet to come and his global contract is a hold up. Of all the decisions recently, I think that'd be a decision that would be universally welcomed.
    • Yes they normally do this on Breakfast - sometimes Greg failed to opt in then there will be a separate one after a song.
    • Danny beard might be available. They might just tell Jamie not to come in and give it to Sam and Danni instead tbf. Arielle’s off Early Breakfast all week but is doing her new show on Thursday so she may be about as well.
    • Didn't someone say that Lauren is covering with Katie soon so she could potentially do it with Jamie. Or yes Matt with Jamie is an option they've used before
    • Katie’s posted on Insta how she’s poorly at the mo (bad cold by the sounds of things). Vick is off all next week and no way could Jamie possibly present solo (imagine!). So if Katie can’t present on Monday be interesting to hear what they do. Suspect they’ll be asking Matt Edmondson if he’s available, but not too many obvious options at all. 
    • I think tracks like the NewEra Birds in the Sky one sort of highlight my issue with the Radio 1 playlist perfectly. Surely as a new music station it's the sort of song Radio 1 should be championing - a new Irish DJ duo with a song that is exploding in popularity and is right on brand with Radio 1 and has now reached the Top 20. Ticks all the boxes and has got a fair bit of play on shows Dance Party or Party Anthems. Yet months after its release it's only now reaching the C-List and making its way to daytime and with it being on the C-List will only probably be played a handful of times across the week. Whereas artists like Royal Blood say seem to get an open pass to the playlist.
    • Posted this over on DS but while I'm sure there are probably reasons behind this it's weird optics how easily Radio 1 were able to cut time off Newsbeat this week purely it seems for a petty tit-for-tat gesture at Capital's new show but then weren't prepared to show any level of flexibility with reducing Newsbeat’s length a few weeks back when Mollie was supposed to finish their Comic Relief challenge for the day at around 5.45pm (with the DJs all but asking to delay Newsbeat). I guess the issue with the 5.45pm Newsbeat is that it also airs on 1Xtra and Asian Network but surely you could still air those as normal on those two stations and then do a separate Radio 1 edition later. They've certainly done that before with the half past the hour bulletins.
    • I was really impressed by the Capital Breakfast show. Had been finding Greg a bit stale - he's a great DJ but there's only so long you can listen to the same features and same sort of topics Where Capital's show had that familiar feel with Jordan & Chris being ex Radio 1 plus Sian Welby is great. It felt a light, fun and pacy show which I sort of feel Radio 1 has lost recently but used to have say when it was Scott & Chris, Katie, Jordan & Vick and Matt & Mollie Even the music choices are more to my liking so far. which has surprised me given its reputation of the same 5 songs all day. And it’s not as if you’re not getting Tate McRae, Dua Lipa and Beyonce on every show on Radio 1 anyway. Radio 1's playlist is really not vibing with me at the minute - some shows like Party Anthems or Future Pop have some great new stuff that should make the playlist but too often doesn't or if in the off chance they do it's just on the C-List and heard once in a blue moon.  Whereas Capital actually surprisingly seemed to have got some of that on their playlist already like the new tunes by Becky Hill,Paul Russell and 5SOS.
    • And a lot of Radio 1 features or interviews are pre-planned and pre-recorded which they don't exactly advertise - things like Something Songs and Complete the Year and previously on Scott's show The Who Game for example. The giveaway is normally no mention of texts or the song just played if it's a non-song based feature. There's always a bit of smoke and mirrors in entertainment. Also while it seemed obvious to me the Greggs partnership was pre-planned (the Greggs CEO seemed almost prepared for supposedly an off-the-cuff call) it didn't grate on me hugely. Whereas sometimes with Radio 1 want something to happen or to particularly push an artist or TV show/film they can be just as stubborn and forceful as any product placement. See for example how Saltburn was near constantly mentioned for a while.
    • It does feel like since it was announced that Dean & Vicky will no longer be a pairing with the schedule changes like it's very often Dean or Vicky that's on with the other away as if both have sort of given up on the pairing. Combine that with that Going Home continuing to be a show where you can quite guess what combination will be in and it feels rare that the schedule is actually what it should be.
    • Was going to say if you want to save some face too have maybe a co-host join Danny - that at least to some extent would spare their blushes a bit and you have somebody to deal with the technical stuff (not talking over jingles, Whatsapp number). I guess the constraint is if the show comes from Salford and ideally you wouldn't want Vicky and Nat starting their new slot early. But then again there's Ore and James Cusack you could use alongside Danny if they're available. James always seems to be overlooked though when new positions come up under Aled.
    • Was that not purely down to him wanting to get more into the journalism side of broadcasting?
    • Or better still find a co-host for him? There are plenty of female early breakfast presenters that I'm sure would be able to take charge. 
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