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  1. It's not that – it's that it's a HUGE amount of work, and with no way of knowing if/when the situation will change, you can't plan it properly.
  2. That wouldn't be a reason for the announcement to be delayed. Such a move would have been decided ages and ages ago.
  3. Never really understood the idea that the chart is a great show to be the regular host of. Yes, it's a prominent role and has heritage but equally it's such a tight format that there's not much scope for doing anything with it.
  4. Joe

    Radio 1 off air?

    It's obviously a glitch on the schedule, nothing more.
  5. I have a feeling that it's deliberately a different strategy – a quick 5-10 second thing to keep it in your mind rather than an all-out trailer.
  6. I thought Scarlett Moffatt was hosting with Matt in April. An Instagram post from him says it will be Example instead.
  7. There's a lot of discussion on here about the length of the Scott Mills Daily podcasts, but there's one aspect I certainly wish they'd cut. It annoys me when Scott trails ahead to something that is literally the other side of a jingle. Fine on the radio, of course, but if I'm listening to the podcast I'm almost certainly going to hear the whole thing – no need to keep me listening. So please, don't leave in a link that says 'bangers coming up at 2.40', followed by a jingle, followed by bangers. Literally. No. Point. By all means leave the link in if something interesting happens, but the podcast audience is slightly different.
  8. Unless I missed one, I was flicking through the iTunes podcast chart the other night and noticed that no R1 podcasts feature in the top 100.
  9. This new weekend breakfast show is clearly an attempt to keep Alice on Radio 1 whilst avoiding having cover presenters every other week. She's so often away working on other projects that this will avoid the need to have people filling in for her. It reminds me of the dying days of Colin and/or Edith.
  10. There is absolutely no chance of this happening.
  11. I don't wish to rain on your parade, but you could potentially get this website and yourself in trouble for distributing full length commercial music tracks online free of charge. Given that there's very little change taking place on the files here, it might be wise to desist.
  12. Ah, now it does need an apostrophe. Use an apostrophe whenever you mean 'it is', and don't when you don't. Unless, of course, you're joking.
  13. The 28:40 mark at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04p52q9
  14. Having just listened to both again I'm pretty confident it is indeed the main theme.
  15. You really don't think it sounds alike?
  16. Am I right in thinking that the previous breakfast show theme was used for the gym grunt game played on the Scott Mills show recently?
  17. Joe

    Distance with time

    I'm afraid I would concur with your last sentence: you're probably just old. Think of it this way: for a fifty year old, one year is just one fiftieth of their life. 2 per cent. For a 10 year old, the same amount of time is a tenth of their time on this planet. If we agree that time and memories are relative, it's only natural that our perception of time seems off. I certainly agree though, it's odd and scary to think back and realise that recent memories were actually 10 years ago.
  18. Joe

    Clara Amfo

    I find it very odd that nobody seems to recognise when Amfo's slot is, and why that might influence how 'lively' the show it. It's on during office hours, it's on when people want minimal conversation, maximum background music. As such, there are only a small amount of features and most of them are music-based. That is the brief of her show, that is, presumably, why you find her 'dull' - she is actually fulfilling the brief given to her, I imagine. Cotton's show was just the same. So was Whiley's.
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