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Let's play the whoooooo game

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17 hours ago, Jono said:

Let's play the whoooooo?! game

I'll start with charcoal drawings off of school

Is it Ed sheeran for number one with perfect, Galway Girl, Castle on the hill, erasure, Shape of you. This is not an album listening party but Ed Sheeran invasion of the official chart whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo?!

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7 hours ago, Joe said:

Highlights of the Scott Mills drivetime show on BBC Three


This looks peak naughties I do feel like when he does finally hang up the headphones on radio 1 for the final time the highlights show and clips are going to make him cringe with BBC Three moving to live terrestrial maybe there should be some original content of showing Livelounge and stuff that happens on Radio 1 think that if Radio 1s content from the IPlayer was under the BBC Three could be cost effective streamlined content. Suprising that they haven’t done more in video playback of podcast recordings on the IPlayer 

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