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  1. Well he'll definitely be out before the weekend, Friday is his last show before he goes on holiday for a couple of weeks
  2. I personally was just a sucker for the old Schedule. I loved the weirdness of that first 30 mins of Greg between 6:30 and 7:00. I always found Roisins "This is Newsbeat; its 6:33" as something that properly started my day, just before the old full Breakfast intro, nowadays it almost seems rushed, 7am hits and instead of the nice calm gentle full 1 minute intro you got to Greg from 2018 - 2020, now you get this short 20-30 seconds theme instead that Greg plays out instead of chatting over the top of the music. I find all the shows ending at Newsbeat breaks just quite robotic, like there is no longer any chat or chemistry between them, before you'd get Scott chatting with Grimmy at 4, but now its just the news and then onto the next thing. I feel like R1 have almost decided to change something that didn't need fixing, the old schedule was great, the jingles and themes were great, what was the need to change them?
  3. Is it just me or does anybody else just Absolutely LOVE the Ten Minute Takeover Imaging?
  4. Overall, I've enjoyed the schedule because I like having Greg on 10-11 (until this week lol) but equally I don't like the rotating schedule where you only get Scott and Chris every 2 weeks
  5. I'd like Friday back as a normal schedule definitely. Don't know if Greg taking time off is going to happen. I hope not lol. Scott I think may well go back on Drive and we all saw last week how much Grimmy liked doing the Evening shows!
  6. I hope they add some more digital features, like for example they could add a webcam feed from the studios to the Sounds website which would be really cool. I agree about the Schedule, I hope Jordan gets some more air-time. Regarding the music I'm not really fussed about changing to Pop as it's my preferred style too! Congrats to Aled!
  7. Is there a link to this? Was it online or just private, if so how do you know about it?
  8. Such a shame as Hide and Seek is always a highlight for me, it is good however they squeezed Who's Got Greg in before this all kicked off, which I did enjoy.
  9. What do we all think about this now?
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