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  1. Is it just me or does anybody else just Absolutely LOVE the Ten Minute Takeover Imaging?
  2. Overall, I've enjoyed the schedule because I like having Greg on 10-11 (until this week lol) but equally I don't like the rotating schedule where you only get Scott and Chris every 2 weeks
  3. I'd like Friday back as a normal schedule definitely. Don't know if Greg taking time off is going to happen. I hope not lol. Scott I think may well go back on Drive and we all saw last week how much Grimmy liked doing the Evening shows!
  4. I hope they add some more digital features, like for example they could add a webcam feed from the studios to the Sounds website which would be really cool. I agree about the Schedule, I hope Jordan gets some more air-time. Regarding the music I'm not really fussed about changing to Pop as it's my preferred style too! Congrats to Aled!
  5. Is there a link to this? Was it online or just private, if so how do you know about it?
  6. Such a shame as Hide and Seek is always a highlight for me, it is good however they squeezed Who's Got Greg in before this all kicked off, which I did enjoy.
  7. What do we all think about this now?



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