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    • Even if Katie does leave there would still be Vick Hope who could fly solo? I think Vick and Katie would probably both leave Life Hacks at the same time so if Katie does get a promotion like Vick, she'll do it in addition to Life Hacks until Vick is happy to leave Life Hacks as well.
    • First of all, I think that Greg and Scott are still very strong in their current slots, if anything their shows feels even stronger since the schedule changes.  Vick and Jordan are also sounding really good, they work well together and seem to get along, even outside radio they could easily work well together on TV.  Rickie, Melvin and Charlie are good, but it still feels like a waste having them together and then really small links, not much chat and very few games. I'd make their show a little bit more entertainment-focused like the other shows in the schedule because it does stick out at the moment.  Dean is sounding good as well, as is Arielle. I'd argue that the latter is perhaps too good for the Early Breakfast slots, and perhaps her and Dean are in the wrong slots, but there's no way that change would ever happen. Matt and Mollie's show has also been really enjoyable, their dynamic is great and I hope they stay for a long time to come. Adele is always a good listen but I still do wonder what her long term future with the station is, especially when Katie has been passed up every time there's an opening. She's been on once a week for four years now, although it is good to see her doing more cover slots.  I do enjoy Clara on Future Sounds, I don't listen often but when I do she is good enough. Danny is quite a good listen too, his music choice is quite good and I've noticed a bit more of it ending up in the daytime playlist. Future Artists and Indie Show still isn't working for me at 8pm, they should either vary the music genre a bit more like they do in Future Sounds or move it later - the Indie Show definitely shouldn't be in that slot.  The Powerdown Playlist works at 10pm no doubt, but it is a bit of a copout not to be live. I'd maybe do The Chillest Show live in that slot instead of the pre-record, but it is the same sort of concept. Not sure it entirely works going from loud indie music -> chill -> dance.  Whilst I don't see any schedule changes for at least the next year or so, I would in the future like to see a late night live show on Radio 1, maybe in a similar fashion to the mid-morning show of a little bit of chat and chill, maybe in the 12am slot. A perfect presenter for this would be Adele Roberts, in my opinion, but someone new like Vicky Hawkesworth would also work. It's also becoming more and more apparent as to who the cover presenters are on the station. It seems like James Cusack, Vicky Hawkesworth, Jess Iszatt and Sam & Danni are the part time ones, with Katie and Sian stepping in regularly where necessary. In that respect, and considering only maybe one or two slots will open up in the next few years, I'm not sure I'd continue to do the Christmas presenter thing, or the Friday Early Breakfast slot. Over Christmas, they could've easily done those 6 presenters that I mentioned above (Katie -> Vicky -> James -> Sam & Danni -> Sian -> Jess) each day over Christmas and it would work quite well in my opinion. If they're going to continue to use the Friday Early Breakfast slot, there is no point giving it to presenters like Alex who did it last month and hosts quite a good slot for KISS, and Jess who has already proven herself to be a regular cover presenter for the specialist shows. I'd give the slot to Arielle from next year again, with them dropping Best New Pop (they do New Music Friday around 5.30am on Fridays anyway).
    • Sam and Danni very under mentioned - I think they have potential and fully agree on giving them Friday Early Breakfast - or at least a regular role covering for shows, maybe covering the weekend shows (that’s how Jordan started).  I hope you’re right on no changes - I think it needs time to bed in as I say, and I’d hate to see a big name leave to be replaced with a weaker link, hence weakening the whole schedule.  Right now it seems to be all strong, across the board - a first in my time as a Radio 1 listener.
    • Pretty much in agreement with you on all of those points. Dean has settled in well since I last passed comment a few weeks after the changes.    I can't see anymore changes on Aled's part till part way into 2023 at least. Weekends lost several strong presenters, but a year on and it's still just as good. Some may disagree but, after a year of rotating Friday early breakfast, I personally think they should appoint a permanent set of presenters (cover for early breakfast still rotating). I'd chose Sam & Danni for this who have cropped up a fair bit in the past year covering various slots.
    • Now there have been a couple months to bed in, what do we all think of Aled’s new Radio 1 lineup?Personally I think weekdays have bedded in really well, with no weak links making it the strongest daytime lineup in years. Greg and Scott sound fresh as ever, reinvigorated even, RMC have adapted to daytime and haven’t been overbearing on the slot, playing plenty of music and keeping it low-key, and Vick and Jordan have become a really strong and natural sounding pairing, easily potential Radio 1 Breakfast material down the line and a very enjoyable listen at drive, plenty of personality. I think Clara had found her natural home on Future Sounds, vastly prefer it to her morning show which never worked for me, and Jack is rapidly becoming a star of evening Radio 1. Power Down is great at the end of the day too! Although I do lament the fact they’ve killed off the evening live programming and basically put it all on tape from 10pm onwards; personally i’d see away Early Breakfast before I cut away live post-10PM programming.Weekends are also very enjoyable at the moment, Adele always a consummate professional, and Matt and Mollie back on afternoons sounding the strongest they ever have IMO: I was very critical for a time but they’ve grown on me. Dean jarred a little at first, but he clearly gets Radio 1, and more and more his show is sounding top notch, he clearly has a future on the station, and it really underscores what a waste having someone who was such a weak link (Maya Jama) on that primetime weekend slot was.What are everyone’s thoughts? I’m no uncritical cheerleader, and nothing is without fault (in the past I’ve had some very strong critique of the lineup, and the Friday-Weekend thing annoys me still), but for me this current lineup sound just about right for the times, and hopefully it gets a year or two with no more changes where it can really settle in!
    • I think she could be a good contender for the Official chart if Scott went to R2 - but if Scott replaced Ken on R2 then he could still in effect keep the chart as well I can also see them giving the Chart to Jordan when Scott leaves make him 5 days a week like Greg
    • I do feel like Katie will get a move fairly soon (whether that be Adele leaving or her joining up with Dean, or maybe even her taking over the chart), and then Sam and Danni taking over Life Hacks.
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