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    • Always lovely to hear from someone enjoying the podcasts - takes a lot of work but it pays off when people say they're enjoying it all!
    • It should be working now. Thanks for raising it with me.
    • The first time it came around, he even had a bit of fun with it and got people to ask questions for which the answer was "I will leave a light on". Although maybe he was taking the piss all along! Annoyingly I missed the show live so I'm listening back on iPlayer now, I'm nearly done, so some thoughts. The chat with Chris Smith and Mayor of Where was great, I'm so glad they had a proper last chat and talked about their relationship. I noticed Greg specifically said "we are being separated". So that confirms that then. But it was so lovely to hear them reminiscing.  The Ten Minute Takeover was great as well, I did wonder whether it was fixed though - the first song, You and Me Song by The Wannadies is just a bit emosh, Language by Porter Robinson was his opening bed for about two years and End Credits by Chase and Status used to be the music used for the montage of that day's show he used to play at about 18:55 for the first year or so of drivetime. Coincidence or what.  The highlights montage was great as well. It's a shame for Greg's show that Grace isn't moving with him, although his loss is Scott's gain and hopefully we'll be hearing a lot of her on-air with him and Chris. And obviously the loss  of Chris Smith is a tragedy. I don't want to form an opinion on the new breakfast show before it's even started, and I'm sure whatever happens I'll like it a lot (or at least more than Grimmy's tenure) but it seems as if he's being set up to fail by not keeping his team in place. When Moyles moved from afternoons to breakfast, his core team was kept - him, Dave, Rachel and Aled. Only Georgina Bowman and David Garrido didn't move and they weren't really a part of the show outside of news bulletins. So breaking up the team is undoubtedly a mistake. But we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'm just in denial but I don't think we've seen the last of Greg and Chris on-air together - even if it's just occasional cover. I remember reading this forum six years ago when the schedule changes were announced. I wasn't a member then, and I don't think any of the regular posters from that time are still around, but back then the forum understandably wasn't happy about Mills being taken off drivetime. Six years on, I think it was for the best - he's lasted way longer on Radio 1 than anyone would've expected back then whilst had he stayed on drive he might not have. And Greg's show was more than a worthy successor. I can't believe I've been listening to Radio 1 that long though - I was in year 8 when Greg started drivetime and I remember coming home to hear his first show, and now I've finished my first year at uni. Wow.  
    • I wish I could remember when those shows were, the Bruce Forsyth facts were the best, I laughed so much. Even now I can hear Scott and Greg saying "I'm older than ice" and "I'm the first person on TV". 
    • Anyone know who's on the production team for Greg on breakfast? And for grimmy? I assumed it would stay the same but they just did a goodbye to Grace (a real loss I'd say)