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So where should it be held in 2009?


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Swindon is in the running...

LYDIARD Park could be in line to welcome some of the biggest names in the music world.

The BBC has confirmed Swindon has been shortlisted to host Radio 1’s Big Weekend in May next year.

The live flagship music event was held at Mote Park in Maidstone this year and attracted the likes of Madonna, The Kooks and Nelly.

But music fans will have to wait until the new year before learning whether Swindon has been chosen as the next venue.

“We are at the early stages of discussions but it has the potential for it to happen,” said Radio 1 spokeswoman Indy Vidyalankara.

“Swindon is one of a number of other locations we will be talking to.

“We will be announcing who we have chosen early next year.”

If festival organisers do choose Swindon, Lydiard Park is the most likely setting to host the event.

Coun Justin Tomlinson, Swindon Council’s cabinet member for leisure, culture and recreation, said the council would welcome Radio 1’s Big Weekend with open arms. “If Radio 1 were interested in coming to Swindon, then we would be very interested in having them,” he said.


So it's not necessarily going to be Ireland, Wales or Scotland :)

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i thought it would be ireland,scotland or wales for 2009,just the way it all went,two dates in england one in scotland,ireland,wales.

is this early for radio 1 to be announcing where the venue maybe,or is it a case of everyone knows where one big weekend will be a month or so in advance,so r1 pre-emt it all.

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They should hold it in Manchester! For thats where I live and then I can go 8)

The Big Weekend events are usually held in smaller towns and cities (eg Preston, Maidstone) - and one of the One Big Sundays was in Manchester - so it's unlikely they'll be coming to you soon.

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