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  1. kinda strange line-up as fearne and jo have been trailing reading and leeds,and neither of them are in the line up
  2. Jo and james have always been like that,even when james used to do the film review on her show on a friday,it's called banter
  3. anyone who sets up a rip raoul mote you are a legend deserves all the abuse they get,my comments i made maybe harsh but no worse than people who regret raoul mote did'nt take any police officers with him makes me sick,but thats ok with facebook.
  4. After hearing jo this weekend she should swap with edith,as jo is so happy in the mornings,makes edith sound quite grumpy. Now 6music has been saved wondering how long will jo remain before moving to 6
  5. How many people have been banned from facebook for expressing their feelings over a sick pathetic coward,or is it just me.
  6. Tom deacon and huw stephens stand in for jo next weekend as tom and huw present from wakestock
  7. Wish corden would just sod off for a year,is tv made for him only as he's never off it,getting so bored of him.
  8. Jo whiley will do the friday morning from dlastonbury,not sure where fearne fits in.
  9. Coxy is back in august,so a saturday and sunday will be matt saturday and coxy sunday
  10. Me too hope edith gets weekend breakfast,hahaha
  11. They should have had all this on the red button,instead of online
  12. Scott will be on angela and friends this thursday on sky 1 from 2.30 pm.
  13. thanx for the request.

  14. Bring on the daily mail complaints,bbc sending to many people to glastonbury.
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