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  1. kinda strange line-up as fearne and jo have been trailing reading and leeds,and neither of them are in the line up
  2. Jo and james have always been like that,even when james used to do the film review on her show on a friday,it's called banter
  3. anyone who sets up a rip raoul mote you are a legend deserves all the abuse they get,my comments i made maybe harsh but no worse than people who regret raoul mote did'nt take any police officers with him makes me sick,but thats ok with facebook.
  4. After hearing jo this weekend she should swap with edith,as jo is so happy in the mornings,makes edith sound quite grumpy. Now 6music has been saved wondering how long will jo remain before moving to 6
  5. How many people have been banned from facebook for expressing their feelings over a sick pathetic coward,or is it just me.
  6. Tom deacon and huw stephens stand in for jo next weekend as tom and huw present from wakestock
  7. Wish corden would just sod off for a year,is tv made for him only as he's never off it,getting so bored of him.
  8. Jo whiley will do the friday morning from dlastonbury,not sure where fearne fits in.
  9. Coxy is back in august,so a saturday and sunday will be matt saturday and coxy sunday
  10. Me too hope edith gets weekend breakfast,hahaha
  11. They should have had all this on the red button,instead of online
  12. Scott will be on angela and friends this thursday on sky 1 from 2.30 pm.
  13. thanx for the request.

  14. Bring on the daily mail complaints,bbc sending to many people to glastonbury.
  15. Are all the artists in the uk,just curious what would happen if some artists can't make it,would there be longer sets or would folkface reform?
  16. I think this is the best line up ever for a one big weekend,dissapointed with the headliners on the main stage,florence and rhianna bit of an anti climax,i would have had dizzee headling the saturday and pendulum headling the sunday.
  17. The BBC's head of audio and music Tim Davie has said 6 Music will not be rebranded as Radio 2 Extra, quashing speculation that it might be revamped rather than shut down as part of the corporation's strategic review. Writing on his BBC blog, Davie said there were "no plans" to rebrand the station, which has been earmarked for closure in a review ordered by the BBC Trust. A consultation is under way and the trust is due to report is final findings late next month. Davie has previously talked about salvaging some of 6 Music's programmes and content by moving it to other parts of the BBC's radio network. He said that remained likely. "I said we would look at protecting some 6 Music programming by redeploying it elsewhere and considering how we can also do justice to its legacy in areas like new music development. This commitment also remains...... But simply rebranding 6 Music as Radio 2 Extra is not one of our plans." Davie has also confirmed that Radio 7 will become a sister channel to Radio 4, prompting reports that a smilar arrangement could be applied at Radio 6. Davie reiterated: "While we have proposed rebranding Radio 7 as Radio 4 Extra, there are no such plans for 6 Music." http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/apr/14/6-music-tim-davie
  18. Jo whileys first show on radio 2 will be april 15th where she will play out the paul weller concert plus interviews with paul weller and with fans in the audience. Sounds a bit like in live music we trust which jo used to do on radio 1
  19. Find it strange that it's the artists that have made their millions and have had massive backing from record labels are the ones who have no problem with people dowloading for free.they don't care as long as they are ok they could'nt give a toss about new artists who need the record labels.
  20. Just seen it at bbc press office it will be 6pm til 9pm
  21. Sorry bout that,suffering major jet lag,i just scanned what jono said. Whiley banging in the work at the moment.
  22. The one off show will take place on april 2nd,with whiley and lamacq revisiting bands and artists from the 90's.
  23. Don't see why they don't shut down bbc3,no point in the channel,stop sending contestants to argentina to take part in a poor mans it's a knockout.
  24. I go to 6music when evans finishes,lauren,nemone and steve lamacq,when scott is off
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