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  1. Bumbleeeeee. Congratulations! x
  2. Happy Birthday Timsk! Hope you're having a lovely day!
  3. I might actually cry. Pretty much everyone at work is gonna try and get tickets, haha. I just hope i fall into the local bias cos otherwise i wouldn't really stand a chance. Hopefully will though, it's fairly close to where i live!
  4. I doubt you'll be able to fly to Carlisle, as far as i know it's just a freight airport (mainly eddie stobart stuff). It's a bit of a way out of the city centre though so i imagine there will be shuttle buses from the train station etc. SO EXCITED.
  5. This is AWESOME if it's true. If people who were around here 2 years ago remember, I moved from a town near to Swindon to the lake district just before the location was announced and it was more than annoying seeing all the pictures from people on facebook. Airport seems likely if the location is Carlisle, Don't think there's anywhere in the city centre big enough to hold it. Any ideas on dates?
  6. Yaaaaay! Congratulations Kiz+Mr Kiz !! xxx
  7. Not seen anything on twitter so thought i'd pop on here and see if there was any news. Congrats Kirsty and Mark! xx
  8. Aww, Congratulations Kirsty!! Hope it all goes well and you get out of hospital soon
  9. I have a job, and signed off today , I'm going to Blackpool next weekend for an extremely messy few nights out with the lads from work, i got some good news the other day which will go a long way to helping me get over my anxiety issues, and on top of that it was my birthday on Tuesday and i got an awesome new tv. Happy Days!
  10. Hi there!! Nati and Viv told me about this thread on twitter so i thought i'd have a look Thank you all very much Yeah it's been a while since i've been on. Moved house, found work after spending a year unemployed and everything is pretty peachy now .
  11. Yeah it's the real mills. He does post occasionally, You'll see them if you click the link on the "Statistics" part of the profile page. And i doubt it, you'd probably be better off sending him a email. Whether he replies or not depends on whether it's a genuine question.
  12. Most people's tweets are boring useless pieces of information (including my own). That's kinda what twitter is all about??
  13. :| Unless you're going abroad that's £80 that would be better spent in the pub. What rocks for me? I'm finally starting to get my f*cked sleeping pattern back on track. No more getting up at 3pm and going to bed at 6am for me (even though it was totally awesome for a short while).
  14. Hope Mr. Kiz is better soon Totally know how you feel. It's always really awkward. In time it will become easier. Well, it did in my case anyway.
  15. UM is obviously down down down down down with all the showbiz types nowadays then... (sorry.)
  16. Grimmy this week, Annie possibly the week after. They were talking about it on Switch on sunday.
  17. Nail. Head. Hit. I have listened to her a few times now, and even though i didn't like Jo Whiley that much i'd rather listen to her than Fearne. We can only hope that Coxy will get to take over that show eventually, and Fearne will just sod off to Switch. Incidently, i like listening to Reggie Yates a lot more now he's on his own.
  18. Mike


    You're right chippy, i remember reading it somewhere
  19. www.mikeredding.tumblr.com is mine. Dunno if i'll keep it up til the end of the year though lol
  20. Ugh, does this mean that we're going to be subjected to his voice on an awful promo that runs every half an hour throughout the day for the next 6 weeks to promote it? I refer you all to the right honourable Joannie Taylor... "What a load of old sh*t!!"
  21. Missed it unfortunately. Will hopefully hear it when i'm down south tomorrow though
  22. Sort my life out, started that a few weeks ago though so dunno whether it counts.
  23. Mike

    The Tinsel Takeover

    There has been a couple of good people on. It was a good idea in principle, but not as good as i'd hoped.
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