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  1. Looks like the Big Weekends's heading to Cumbria then.
  2. This is hardly news. Chris Moyles will be leaving Radio One some point in the future, unbelievable really. Doesn't take a genius to work out R1 are training up Greg James, seems to put himself/be put forward for everything is enthusiastic but bland enough not to get into the controvesy that Moyles does. Would rather someone like Vernon Kay got it but won't because of his age.
  3. It'll probably affect the value of his house if they are chopped down.
  4. He's just another bland average x factor artist to be honest. Yes he can sing and he's probably a nice guy but there was nothing to that song or the performance.
  5. He sounded like a boring BBC executive going on about the age demographic. I think most people in the 16-25 age group would much rather listen to Moyles who's quirky, witty, funny and outrageous than one of the new breed of slick, politically correct, boring presenters like Fearne Cotton etc.
  6. Radio One is aimed 16-24 year olds. Radio 2 is 30-55. So Evans has pretty much double the range (15 instead of 8) and there'll also be alot more people under 16 who don't get counted who listen to Moyles than Under 16's who listen to Evans. Radio 2 probably is better music though...
  7. I don't want to read too much into stuff BUT when was the last time Breakfast and Drivetime presenters took their holiday at the same time other than Christmas? Has he demanded time off at short notice for personal reasons? Whatever it is if they wanted to suspend him I doubt they'd wait until Scott was away
  8. Is he related to Nick Grimshaw? They look pretty similar and are both really camp and come from the North West.
  9. Do what I do. Watch it, don't vote and don't take it too seriously. Ok he manipulates people but for all his sins Cowell does give a few people a year chance of a lifetime because they (normally) get a number one record despite being a bad singer. I can't blame him entirely for the crap thats in the charts at the moment
  10. but he didn't have anytime off between taking over the show and the Big Weekend, IIRC
  11. Funny how she gets married just as Chris become single;)
  12. I thought she was as well. Did she mention it on her show? Congratulations anyway
  13. How come this isn't a well deserved break for Beccy?
  14. Especially as people like Dizzy Rascal and Tinchy Strider are so famous in the UK.



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