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  1. Long time no see! Thought I'd pop in and leave this here:
  2. In my experience it's the people who are athiests that like to try and ram this down my throat and like to be rude and insulting merely because I believe in God.
  3. One that's cheap. Weddings are ridiculously expensive.
  4. Booked my wedding! 6th October 2012 I'll be a married woman
  5. Eeeee thank you! Hahaha Mark still wants them to come but they'll be scared. He wants to include them on the invitation though hehe I'm so excited I might explode!
  6. Happy Birthday! If you had your birthday a bit later you could share the pacman cake I'll be making for Mark's!
  7. Following on from this... I totally got engaged.
  8. Bumble_85

    Beer Gardens

    Yes, you're not allowed to take drinks that aren't beer outside.
  9. I have a shiny new laptop
  10. 3 day week at work. Next week is a 2 day week and trotting off to Norfolk to see my Mum! Exciting times. Also, . So cute
  11. The people who kindly looked after our cats for us also 'tidied'. Which apparently involves putting everything on the side into a bag for me to re-organise. Including the fecking bills. Good job I found them as they're due tomorrow and a late charge would have been £19. Not fricking amused. Also not looking forward to work tomorrow. First time back. Bleh.
  12. Well Friday is going to suck balls but my best friend is coming across the entire country to see me so, could be worse... :/
  13. Thanks, guys. It's a bit sucky to say the least. I am so fed up of going to bed really tired and then not being able to sleep. Nati, I missed your call because I was out but I'll give you a ring back sometime
  14. Crappy week and only going to get worse. My dad died. Rubbish way to get time off work. I don't recommend it
  15. I can just see them leaping and clinging on to me going up the aisle hahaha.
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