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  1. No - just setting the facts straight. She definitely is! Never mind.
  2. She is. And she really is from Maidstone.
  3. rockard


    Rarely come on here, but spotted this thread and saw it as an opportunity to shamelessly punt for some more followers. Having said that, I think a large majority of you are already following me, after @misscorsham somehow set all the geeks loose on me. It was well scary. I'm @producerjacob
  4. The most ridiculously huge photo of Scott ever! http://img221.yfrog.com/img221/4089/h8h.jpg Definitely desktop background material. (From the @MillsTheMusical Twitter account)
  5. No idea where you've got this from... Also there might be a minuscule delay occasionally it will rarely be noticeable. All the presenters I know monitor straight off air. Switching to desk feed during links would defeat the object of wearing headphones to check the levels, because everything sounds different post-processing.
  6. Which is perhaps why this version is pretty similar to the last. A 'remixed version' instead of a whole new theme.
  7. You're right, Grimmy's producer Phil drove the desk for Dave this morning.
  8. The Big Weekend events are usually held in smaller towns and cities (eg Preston, Maidstone) - and one of the One Big Sundays was in Manchester - so it's unlikely they'll be coming to you soon.
  9. rockard


    I suppose it's often that they just don't have time (they've already got a fair amount to think about). I can see your point, but it makes sense when there's such a huge volume of interaction for the other people working on the show to sift through them and find the ones worth using. (I know for one specialist show, the producer prints out the usable text messages and re-writes them so they're in normal readable English and not text-speak).
  10. rockard


    There are hints of it in the first ever Chris Moyles jingles (which are also on the Music4 site). It's an adaptation of lots of other radio stations who use a logo to go with sung jingles (so the dur-dur-dur-durrr fits with Ra-di-o-One).
  11. rockard


    ...and of course they'd get a huge fine.
  12. You've got some good advice in this thread. I work in production at BBC radio, and the way I've got to this stage is by making friends, contacts and connections at radio stations. Email presenters and producers at your local radio stations, asking to come in for a visit. Doesn't sound much but once you're in the building you can start saying hello to people. Join the forums at mediauk.com - it's full of industry professionals and it'll help you get up to speed on what's happening in the industry. There's also a Demo Critiques section so you can get some feedback on your presentation. I hope that helps.
  13. Would be even better if it was the actual Adele off've the crazy laugh. Maybe I should email them and ask if she can fix it for me to have something fixed by the actual Adele.
  14. He's taking loads of clips - so probably taking some little audio cuts for later in the show, I'd say.
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