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  1. I voted Joe, but it was close between him and Adam- I hope it isnt Luke. (a)
  2. The BBC Three voiceover said it before family guy last night too. familyguy.mp3
  3. Scott's Makeover. more to comee.
  4. cor blimey. he's hot. ahaha oh im lame.
  5. I emailed to ask why it's Beckycam and not Beccy.. and if it was because people dont like spelling it without a k. She said yes, and she was Beccy so it was very strange. and then I sent her one back saying she'd made my life and I might be a little be hyper because of it. her font is blue!
  6. I only knew it 'cause I was listening to old podcasts.
  7. yeah. Scott thought it was a christmas thing!
  8. he's gooorgeous. <3 yeah, isnt it obvious?
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