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  1. Happy Birthday Jono! Hope you have a great day
  2. Happy Birthday! Have a great day
  3. Afternoon can't wait to see the first part of the musical
  4. I find it funny how even Fake chappers can beat Beccy in OWO.
  5. Fake Chappers is suprisingly accurate, its rather scary.
  6. Oh dear this Madonna Impersonator isn't brillaint, she sounds fun though. That video should be good
  7. Yep, I prefer it to be honest, Its nice to have a little change so Chappers is in the studio all by himself?
  8. I know its very infectious, especially in her prank calls. She always cracks me up
  9. Happy Birthday Beccy for Wednesday. Have a great day!
  10. Strangely, I have slowly started to like it now, I've changed my opinion completely, the chorus is really catchy
  11. This is the record of the week? I'm not a big fan, its nothing like Shakira, although the chorus is alright
  12. hahah that would also have been good, I agree though the music doesn't really suit it
  13. hahah that is such a random advert, its brilliant though
  14. I haven't yet either, gotta keep me eyes peeled my watching BBC1 I guess
  15. I haven't yet either, gotta keep me eyes peeled my watching BBC1 I guess
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