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  1. You simply cannot base your opinions on an entire nation on the way the deal with one single issue. African countries need help from westerners - after all, it is really their poverty that causes them to think this about homosexuality because they can't afford education, they turn to religion instead. It is these deep religious teachings that cause these beliefs about homosexuality. And because they aren't being educated, they can't broaden their knowledge, so they only know what has been passed down to them by elders and what has been preached to them. Ugandans aren't being evil, it's just that they don't know anything else. That is their culture, that is what they believe in. I agree, it would be much better if they can live more peacefully and be more accepting of homosexuality. But all that will happen is that we will start imposing western culture on a non western country, something that is quite offensive. We need to think before we start going round on our moral high horses. It is a sad situation, but think about the bigger picture.
  2. Were they ever up a hill??!!
  3. Hello Rik nice to meet you.

  4. I can't say I was particularly humored.
  5. I do agree with Jugalug. Surely you can find something on here? http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=46&linkid=2096 http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=46&linkid=2125 http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=46&linkid=2145
  6. They are partial to a *dot* between the persons name in email addresses at the Beeb. Try that, however I doubt we will hear a mention of your email in the next programming meeting.
  7. Rik


    He is the Andy that's on 60 seconds on BBC 3, if you ever watch that?
  8. Thank you all! Rob, our school would be reluctant to close in the midst of a raging fire in the maths block so no we didn't get the day off yesterday unfortunately.
  9. I would never have guessed...
  10. Rik

    Aled in a taxi

    Is it just me that gets disappointed when people arrive in places just in time? It'd be nice to see how they cope when things go wrong.
  11. It would appear the long silence at the start of the bulletin was Max's fault as the R1 feed wasn't up yet the 1xtra feed was, so 1xtra heard the headlines but everything that went wrong from there on was probably because of what Newsbeat did I found it quite funny how Debbie played out the closing bed and then Jamie Broughton decided to read the sport when they were only two stories through the proper news and then she added another story on the end. I do love christmas news :hahaha: Whilst we're talking about messing up the news, I'm quite surprised that these news simulcasts with 1xtra at the weekends haven't messed up more often. It's quite disappointing.
  12. Quite big improvements to the economy, but not enough to pull us out of recession Lots more extreme weather Conservatives will come to power and do absolutely diddley squat. Russia will claim we've done something to annoy them and cut off our fuel Some sort of attack on western society from the middle east Dubai will be deserted when all the Arab's fail on their loans, leaving a rather expensive wasteland.
  13. Are you talking about the fact that the music started before she had finished or was there something else? I think that was because they needed to get the timings correct in order to meet the news on time an hour later and her bulletins were over running Did you hear the one at 8.30 though? Debbie got in a right pickle with the beds.
  14. I'm remaining sceptical about all this until tomorrow. The whole thing seems really strange to me.
  15. Alison Mitchell. I think she'd be too tied up with 5Live stuff to do a whole 6 months or so of cover. Either Tamasin Ford or Tamsyn Kent (I can't remember which one,) does sport on the big Newsbeats on occasion if they are strapped for cover, so they could be options if they're looking for a female replacement.
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