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  1. Hello, Unofficial Mills. Stumbled upon this after seeing a UM article on Facebook. It's been a while. This was really nice to look at. I've not been listening to Radio 1 for a while as I don't own a car and my house in Notts receives only Smooth. I've been through two phones and am on another laptop, though still have both my iPods (but use them rarely!). I'm now pushing 40k tweets (@samozzy), am at my second year at the university of Nottingham. I also work as a theatre technician from time to time. I do a lot less websites, a lot more theatre, and my 1TB hard drive is about a quarter of the size of my 500GB one - and doesn't even require a mains connection! Queen is still alive, no hovercars and my internet speed is now 50, rather than 10! Maybe I'll post a bit more frequently soon...
  2. I stopped using IE years ago, it's just always been too slow for me, and then there's the fact that on top of that it's just generally not safe.. As in, at all.. I didn't really like Opera that much.. Not really sure if there was a reason for it, I just didn't like it that much. Firefox, I do like. It's a bit slow if there're a load of tabs open (I've almost always got at least 5 open, usually it's 10+); but in the ways of customisation, it's a real legend. Themes (now personas), extensions, plugins, the lot - firefox has it. Which, I really do think, is one of the things that the other browsers are now needing to catch up on.. (As well as support for this, that and the other). Safari I like. It's a good, solid browser. Fairly quick, and has support for plenty.. Well, except Flash. It practically dies the moment it touches some Flash for me.. :/ Then, Chrome. I love it. I've got two OSs on here, so the fact that it can sync things between machines using the Google account is something I'm really glad exists (even if it does play up frequently enough). It's quick, loads, and supports everything I need it for (whether that be HTML5, Flash, whatever). In all, Chrome's for me, with Firefox a close second, Safari in a comfortable third position, Opera happy at fourth, and then IE bringing up the rear.. After every other browser I'd use. So, 10th or something
  3. Could also be Scotland's first attempt at sun....
  4. If the teacher's stopping people doing something on the grounds of their religion, then it's probably classed as a hate crime (in this case homophobia) and is against the law.. The Head would probably be the best place to go about that...
  5. Not overly keen if I must say...
  6. Managed to miss this, apologies, but Happy Birthday nonetheless
  7. Nothing at all? I'm sure if we knew we'd all pull together and get you something, a little UM Christmas cheer!
  8. Alone on New Year's. That's all I'm saying at the moment.
  9. Voted.. Although it was when I was helping you set it up.. I guess I should've paid more attention to my votes..
  10. I actually kinda like this song :oops: If this whole thing works, I'll be amazed!
  11. I was hoping this would be the top dog, as it were, for Christmas songs.. As it really is just that! Merry Christmas!
  12. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and great New Year
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