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  1. Shame they're not continuing with having Zane do breakfast in first week of January. Always really enjoyed those shows.
  2. Sad loss in a sense. I used to listen back 10-12 years ago when you genuinely couldn't expect to find any new hip-hop music unless you listened to his show. Of course nowadays it's so much easier to source music. Nonetheless, Westwood is such a personality I'm sure he'll be in demand whatever he does.
  3. That whole 10-12-45 slot has been a complete void for me since Jo Whiley left anyway. At least Jo knew her music. It's cringeworthy at times hearing Fearne/Sara pretending they give a toss about whoever is performing in the Live Lounge.
  4. Doped up on painkillers after tearing ligaments by all accounts. Nasty.
  5. More likely it's an excuse for him to stay out in Ibiza after his show the previous Friday!
  6. Agree with that. I imagine Greg's big ambition is to host R1 Breakfast.
  7. Whether you like it or not, Radio 1 is funded on the basis that it provides for its target age group. That is the basis for its entire existence.
  8. Younger audience and bigger audience are not the same thing. Grimmy has got a far younger audience than Moyles I'm sure. For what it's worth, Radio 1 is a public service broadcaster, not a commercial entity, so ratings aren't the be-all and end-all. Grimmy is doing a good job and I imagine the bosses at R1 are pretty pleased with how he's going at the moment.
  9. Good on R1 - it really is a horrible and tasteless form of protest. If people really wanted a proper protest song, why not pick a rock/punk song from the 80s that was a directly influenced by Thatcher? As Ben Cooper says, this is essentially celebrating the death of someone who hasn't even been buried yet.
  10. Lisa Snowdon started presenting on MTV more than a decade ago, and Dave Berry has plenty of radio and TV experience. I hardly think they're "just anybody".
  11. I'm impressed Chris has kept churning them out as regularly as he has. Probably due a break!
  12. Must say I do wonder where the ideas are going to come from now that TOTDS has gone - always got the impression he was the one driving things forward, so to speak.
  13. If they keep referring to it as Derry/Londonderry every time I may have to switch off. I know they're trying not to offend, but it was infuriating this morning.
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