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  1. Hello thanks for the happy birthday and i'm sorry i'm late with this! x

  2. i've not seen the first episode of the new series yet but i loved the last series and i agree about robert webb.
  3. Hi, i'm not too bad thnks. My summer's been ok overall. I'm going to college part time in September.

  4. Heyy there Bex, I've not been on here in quite a while too. I've not been too bad thanks, how about yourself? Having a good summer?

  5. Good luck Steph, i'm sure you'll do fine!
  6. Whenever Dermot announced one Direction on the Xfactor, it always sounded like he was saying " wand erection".
  7. Hello Kyle! i've not been on here for ages. How are you? x

  8. Happy birthday Annalie! i hope you're having a good one x
  9. Been looking forward to this. It's not the Ugandan people's fault though, it's the way they've been brainwashed by the powers that be.
  10. I know how you feel so i'm sending you a Valentine's day kiss X
  11. Hi everyone! i think my Valentine's day cards got lost in the post!
  12. Let me know if you want any help with that!
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