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  1. There's a surprise. Also danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil were on today, which was brilliant! Love them.
  2. Waking up and realising that I still don't look like Kaya Scodelario.
  3. This better happen, or I'm going to go down there and protest myself.
  4. Just sticking up for all the fanfic writers out there... It is usually kept on the internet, but this person decided to publish it for some reason. It's not all like that (although quite a bit is). We're not all mental - that's all I'm saying.
  5. So that's what all the fuss was about...
  6. Yeah I have always liked Grimmy, including when he stopped playing One Direction halfway through a song on Scott's show (?). I think it's going to be hard at first, but I'm looking forward to it.
  7. That's made me feel all emotional now....
  8. It's pretty much written porn apparently...
  9. Yeah, he definitely deserved it. Wonder what's going to happen to Switch (if it's still called that) with Annie? I loved that show.
  10. They've been busier. And it's busy because it's a big event, just like when the swap was announced. And well done, once again, you've completely missed the point of my previous post and ignored it. Probably cos you know I'm right? Just saying.
  11. 1. This won't work because Moyles is already leaving. 2. I'd just like to point out that Jessie J's tweet wasn't even to Chris, he just replied as joke. She always tweets stuff like that anyway.
  12. I don't think so about Gemma, cos she's only just started her new slot hasn't she? Maybe Annie or Huw but they tend to cover if Zane's not in, so I don't know.
  13. I'm not being funny Viv, but you're really starting to pee a lot of people off. In the past few days, I've been told to get a life and been compared to something from the exorcist. I'm not really paying attention to this 'insults' because frankly, you don't mean a shit to me, but have you thought about the possiblity that the reason this forum is quieter is because you're putting people off by resorting to personal insults over the smallest things, and CONSTANTLY spamming us about Madonna?
  14. I don't think anyone can really. What the whole age bracket thing.
  15. Think about it, he is young, he's been present Switch and his show for ages, he's passionate about music, and stuff that isn't necessarily playlist. I think it makes sense.
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