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  1. me too, I'm intending to go the fringe this year.
  2. don't get me wrong, I'd still love it, but It's so unfeasible an idea. Like expecting value meat to come from where you think it does. Sorry, even Journalists are loving this horsemeat stuff.
  3. Scotts essentially B-team these days in the managements eyes. Essentially, if he was a horse, he's in the final racing season before he's retired, dies, and ends up in a findus Lasagna. they'd not give him three days of solid broadcasting, it might make people remember how good he is just before R1 pulls the plug on the life-support that is the old guard of radio 1. Maybe Grimmy, maybe Greg. But not Scott.
  4. Not a chance in hell. At least not with Scott. Sorry.
  5. Lots coming up for me. Going to a talk by Radio 1s own Rod McKenzie on the 25th, and then an evening with Giles Coren on March 5th hosted by the lovely Leeds Waterstones. All for the sake of Journalism. wicked.
  6. I'm fairly sure Chris isn't coming back because he doesn't want to come back now.
  7. Nik B.

    Q4 RAJAR

    Personally I think these figures are a sign of increasing Listener apathy on Radio 1 as a whole. if this had been a good quarter their would of been a significant jump overall and for the Breakfast show. Instead, theirs been a drop, albeit a minor one. its still the wrong direction though, and it almost seems like the beginning of a slump. So R1 shouldn't be too happy with these numbers, they've begun to get the age range right, but are still haemorrhaging listeners, and it wouldn't surprise if thats why they're doing access all areas again, as that could bring in a significant boost to the listenership short term.
  8. Question: does anyone else feel a sense of impending doom in light of recent departures from the show?
  9. could of been "Gregs Justin Bieber iPhone instagram facebook pr0n Girlfriend" if you really wanted to get the hits up.
  10. hacking wikipedia is like breaking into a museum in the middle of the day. it's possible, but pointless considering you can just walk in through the front door xD I swear I'll go nuts if they go to Norfolk this year, considering I've just moved away!
  11. dunno, but you can't judge anything by insta likes. I tend to like anything with either a cat or a fit guy in them. doesn't mean I'm going out with a bloke with a pussy... cat CAT! damn, you have to be so careful with how you phrase things these days!
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