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  1. Excellent, I still wont tune in to Channel 5 for anything other than Ice Road truckers!
  2. Quite remarkable really. Someone at work said they were celebrating 4 decades of Annie, which I couldn't believe! Good on her though!
  3. I really want to see this. unfortunately, none of my mates are as cool as me and want to go
  4. Damn those pesky exams, I was rather looking forward to the annual UM Big Weekend tweets
  5. I was rather up for getting some tickets this year... unfortunately I did not get any
  6. I'm going to Reading. Will probably be my last year for a while, hopefully going to Canada next year, and probably couldn't afford it even if I wasn't
  7. Good to see you got tickets again this year then? You happy with the lineup?
  8. Blink and Guns n Roses are almost dead certs... the only one that is less so is Arcade Fire... Ive seen some suggestions at the remote chance Blur could be the other :confused:
  9. Nope not at all... I've camped next to people who have gone on their own. You just make an effort to get to know your neighbors and it makes your evenings at teh campsite much more enjoyable!
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