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  1. This is a bit bizarre isn't it? I'm glad to see Molly joining as she really impressed last month with Matt. She does have a very similar voice to Alice though.. I'm guessing more TV work beckons for Greg and maybe moving from Friday was always on the cards for him? I'm happy for Scott to get to present the chart. The press release suggests 4-7 for the chart though which feels too long in 2018. Hopefully he'll be continuing with Dance Anthems though! Seems like a poor move for Grimmy and Clara though and I'm not sure listeners will take to it.. Please let Maya's show no
  2. Maybe he hasn't been poached from DigitalSpy? Maybe he's just doing the reviews (of movies that he's seen anyway) freelance? That would then work out cheaper that having Rhianna working full time..
  3. I really like Alice, I thought her show with Phil was great 10-12, my favourite radio1 show apart from Scott when it was on. She's great when she does Real or no real or stuff like the Brits red carpet and is also good when doing the handovers, however as a solo radio presenter it doesn't quite work. I think it's because she's naturally funny and chatty but with no one to laugh or react it just feels awkward. It's like if Peter Kay recorded a stand up dvd with no audience, it wouldn't work.I don't think Alice is the problem, it's the show. I'd really like to hear her cover for Scott when he's
  4. I think Beccy now works for 'BBC radio' as a whole, not sure exactly what she does but she was sitting in on BBC Radio Cymru shows a couple of months ago.
  5. For a few years Zane used to take extended time off from Christmas into January so he could go home to New Zealand and stick around for festival season there and Oz. Christmas schedule was like now with pre records and in January the show was covered by different celebrities every night over two weeks before Annie or Huw did another two week stint. This stopped the year that they did the first specialist takeover week and Zane was required to do breakfast first week of Jan.
  6. I'd be disappointed, and a little surprised, if we didn't get atleast a one-off, if not a week, of Sloth and Scott
  7. Grimmy announced on yesterday's show that presenters will have a specific theme for their slots and if I recall correctly they were Zane - Hottest records Danny Howard - Dance Anthems Jamelia - Uk Number 1's Phil and Alice - Collaborations Dan and Phil - Requests Huw Stephens - Best of R1's Live Lounge Gemma Cairney - Old Skool anthems Scott + Chris - Happy Hour Hits Matt Edmondson - One Hit Wonders It seems that 'one of us' will reboot Radio 1 and choose the presenter every hour so don't know if it'll be random, chosen on popularity or if the producers can be more selective. I feel really ba
  8. Tim Westwood has been a great servant for the station but it is time for a changing of the guard to Charlie Sloth now, in fact probably should have happened a few years ago when UK grime was at it's peak. I Would like to see Tim stay with the BBC, doing pretty much what he does now, perhaps with more of a nod to older hip-hop, either on 1xtra, 6music or radio2. Also very happy for Mistajam and Target getting their new shows too!
  9. Anyone else think it seems a little low key this year? The academy being the week before certainly didn't help. Also, I realize they want to move away from the 'Moyles era' and do different stuff but atleast one show (Grimmy) should have been coming from a cottage near Derry through this week. I hope Grimmy has a site tour video up for his show tomorrow.. Also is Sara still going? The schedule has changed to just Matt 10-1. That will be a big gig for him on his own, I wonder if they'll jig the schedule around a little to bring him in a co-presenter? I think Sarah Jane from 1xtra's going to be
  10. I agree that the lack of Greg is a little odd, even considering his tv role, Alice will be on air after all. Also looks like Adele will be coming from London and doing a double shift with her 1xtra show also at 13:00. That's a shame really, I used to like listening to the early breakfast build up, especially the year they were in Bangor when Edith did it from the 'team hotel'. Also, great gig for Gemma getting the prime-time headliner slot. Seems a little weird not to have Scott or Grimmy on the Sunday though, no? Also might be of interest that Lauren Laverne was tweeting that she was filming
  11. Charlie Sloth has seen a good RAJAR judging by twitter, would love it if Radio1 were brave enough to bring his 1xtra show to the station as it is now, for breakfast or drive. Sure, it would alienate a lot of people but if it's good quality and unique, so what?
  12. I think that you're being more than a tad harsh here. The big 'adventure' challenges seem to be shared among the DJs, Chris and Fearne did Killi, Scott did the dessert and Greg did the boats this year. I think it was probably too soon in his reign for Grimmy to do one of those this year but I'm sure his time will come, probably next time! He could never try to do anything like what Chris and Dave did in 2011, it's too soon. So I think this is about right, he's promoting Comic Relief (He's actually doing lots of stuff for them, he did the Brand gig, the Norton show and will be presenting 'on th
  13. I can see another significant shuffle coming when Annie Mac has her baby. I think we're likely too see Toddla T (perhaps with Jaymo and Andy George covering him for a couple of weeks paternity) or Mistajam take over the Friday night show; triggering further shuffles to fill their slots. INDJWT Julio Bashmore is hot property now too, he may land a permanent slot if he can commit. It's very interesting that the 10pm slot hasn't been filled yet. I was sure it would be on of Annie, Huw, or Phil. Despite me thinking that it won't work at all, I also think it's probably been offered to Moyles. If
  14. Just as a side note, Huw Stephens will be presenting the 19-22 slot on BBC Radio Cymru every Monday from next month. This shouldn't affect his chances of a radio 1 slot though, he currently presents the 22-00 slot on the same day which is usually pre recorded and last month he was on Radio Cymru and Radio 1 at the same time whilst covering for Grimmy!



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