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  1. I thought she was excellent all around. She's one of the very few film critics I (usually) agree with on almost everything. And I like the way she presents the review - to the point, not too spoilery, quick and entertaining. Also she's very natural with people, no afecttions. Really good interviewer and a good person for djs to bounce off in conversation. I usually prefer watching her film reviews on youtube, because on podcast ther'e a lot of redundant interviews with actors that I already heard on Greg's, Grimmy's, Scott's or Matt's podcasts. Really sad to see her go. Also, I have fond memories of all the times she got a laughing fit on Innuendo Bingo and they couldn't continue. Those were hilarious.
  2. Rhianna off of Innunendo Bingo, and BBC R1 resident film critic, is leaving Radio 1 in January 2016. She mentioned it at her last Movie with Rihanna podcast and Greg mentioned it in his as well. Neither said why - anyone have any clues? She's been fantastic at ther job - surely it's not R1 bosses letting her go? "It is my last ever podcast. I'm leaving Radio 1 and 1 Extra after nealy 5 glorious years, so next week there won't be one (podcast), but a week after that ther will be with brand new film critic Ali Plumb who's worked for Empire and Digital Spy, he knows his stuff with movies. Now because I'm feeling a bit self indulgent, this is my last ever movie quote on a podcast and a lot of people have been asking me what I'm going to do next, it's pretty much... 'go to Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over'. Happy Christmas everybody and thank you for listening to my podcast." She has a Movie Show special scheduled on R1 tomorrow (December 30th, 19:00) and that's it.
  3. Babies are fairly off target audience show wise. Especially as half of Chris's stick is the 'laddy lad' narrative. That wonderful 'after any of my friends get married I'm deleting them off facebook because they are ~socially dead' joke Chris made a couple of times is rather ironic now. Anyways, congrats to them if this is something they both want. The show's team is strong enough to generate some great humour from the situation, I'm just not sure it's on topic that network has any real interest in.
  4. Grimmy announced this morning that Ian will be leaving his role as Breakfast Show assistant producer and moving to producing Alice Levine on weekends. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04ybpxc At 02:36:00 On the side note, I wonder if they'll fill Ian's role on BS with a silent assistant producer or someone who'll have a speaking role.
  5. Tuned in for the end and Jameela's interview technique is as grating as ever. Good riddance.
  6. Excellent two weeks of breakfast. Scott being outstanding at what he does aside, his team really does come up with entertaining content at daily basis without fail. I usually listen to his podcasts while walking to work, and I always end up having to stare at the floor more than once to avoid being seen laughing. It was good to listen to him live for a change.
  7. I enjoy current Breakfast Show, but there's plenty of room for improvement. I think Grimmy's show needs less time given to corporate weekly plugs - Nick just doesn't have it in him to fake something he doesn't find interesting. Unlike Grimmy, Scott is really, really good at selling whichever (often dull) weekly thing R1 has him promo. Scott manages to pass for genuinely enthusiastic easily. Nick plows through mandatory content at a fast rate with no real interest (on the other hand, he's pretty amazing when he occasionally gets away with taking the mick out of the more ridiculous corporate plugs). Nick's strengths are storytelling, interacting with others and generally flying without a script. He can make a great link out of anything game/quiz related. He makes anecdotes on taking his dog for a walk sound riveting. His show needs a lot less structure. Also his team, while mostly likable, doesn't have too great a track record with coming up with great features and show content at regular basis. Personality wise, I think giving more room to Fiona was a very good move - she's a very fresh no-nonsense character and is a good balance to other three. Initially I thought Fincham was an excellent counterpart to Nick, but their bickering in the past month or two somehow bypassed friendly banter and headed for just plain being mean (well, mean from Matt's side and blasé from Nick's). I'm not sure Fincham can tell a line between humour and insults too well. Also, so not keen on Matt's blatant sexism which crops up way too often. Ian, while not as loud, is a good addition, shame he skips the first two hours of the show. I enjoy their transparency of the production though. Nick calls out his team on being too obvious while giving him cues and points out all the hick ups and fails in production, and team calls Nick out on being to hyper or chatty or unmanageable. They leave the curtain open to just the right degree.
  8. Links to watch/download the entire Friday's AAA Breakfast Show (credit to oneteenidle.tumblr.com) Part 1 http://www.mediafire.com/watch/katdebv1basba2k/Livestream_Procaster-20140207-013325_678.mp4 Part 2 http://www.mediafire.com/watch/cgygbc8sn5fh6cs/AAA-20140207-022402_446.mp4
  9. Having a hard time picturing Gemma's chirpy line of fluff vs. trucker callers on early breakfast. Dev has adjusted to that slot really well. Not sure where they can move him at this time that wouldn't be a downgrade compared to early breakfast. Chart Show perhaps? I hope this is an attempt to fix weekend daytime line up, rather than Gemma's promotion. They should redo the entire 7-19h weekend line up (minus Matt Edmondson). Also, am I the only one who thinks 4pm on Saturday is a bit to early for dance anthems?
  10. Scott should be given another 3 years. I think he half announced leaving after his contract ends because he expects he'll have no choice in the matter anyways. His show sounds younger than Fearne's and Huw's atm, who are both 10 years his junior. Also, as much as I like Matt Edmondson, he and Chris don't gel that well imo. I listened to them together this week, and their dynamic is a bit forced/strained. I don't think they are natural counterparts to each other personality wise. They don't click/flow as well as Chris does with Scott, or Greg and Chris Smith, or Grimmy and Matt Fincham. On air chemistry just isn't there.
  11. Agreed. Track of the day is pretty pointless - not all that different a concept than any other playlisted thing they have to press play on. Big things were much more interesting (apart from those weeks when they just picked them from the biggest guest that dj had on their show that week).
  12. Well, technically Matt Edmonson has a daily one too. He gets separate ones for both Saturday and Sunday. But yeah, Greg's will probably be weekly. I wish Grimmy had daily ones. His weekly one is rubbish, gave up on them long ago - only interviews make the cut. Team banter which is the most enjoyable part of the show for me, rarely makes it at all.
  13. I thought today's show was flawless start to finish. Putting Jedward on the phone duty was nothing less than inspired.
  14. I don't think most people who have kids realize that little tales about their kids are only of interest to them. It's such a boring topic for an outsider. I don't really mind the content of her links as much as the cadence of her voice. I need to actually concentrate to understand what she's saying. It's very singsong in quality and it often takes too much effort to follow. She's the only present Radio 1 dj I have this problem with. That said, I like that she's a genuinely warm person. She's one of the few djs who listens to Radio 1 in their free time (I think Zane Lowe is the only other one I know of) and she remembers things other djs mentioned, which makes takeovers and things like Real or No Real more interesting. It's very sweet. Fearne is proper cold in compression (which is ok as well). The thing is, Fearne as a new Mum, will now probably spend more time talking about her child, than Sara ever did.
  15. Good news! I might actually tune in chart show again.
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