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  1. This is definite now! His GF has posted about her sister being an auntie and the auntie has posted Instagram pics of their baby shower! Exciting! Has he not mentioned it on the show at all?
  2. Also the card made reference a couple of times to pregnancy with one person saying it would be her first sober birthday!
  3. Chris girlfriend tweeted a photo of birthday card / gifts which imply parenthood may be happening?
  4. Does anyone remember how Scott helped Gregs career by using him for Beccy's Classifieds as the voiceover and talking about him being on early breakfasts, and generally promoting him heavily as a great DJ? I imagine it must sting to then have him replace him on his own show. I also personally feel that Greg (although young and pleasant) doesn't come over very "young" to an audience. Scotts pranks and more juvenile attitude (a good thing) surely appeal to the younger crowd far more than Greg's yawnsville show will.
  5. I think he adds a lot of humour to the show! I literally fell off a treadmill at the gym the other day listening to a podcast when he and Scott and Becky were playing the word disassociation game (v embarrassing!). I love Becky, I think she's hilarious, but the show works better with the 3 of them to bounce off each other and Chris brings a hilarious naivety to the show as a whole. He's not another Chappers. He's not another Scott. He's not another Becky. He's completely different and it works, really well. Bring it!
  6. Is it perhaps a Comic Relief / Children in Need thing? I'm genuinely wondering what they did it for and why, have we not been told yet? Sorry for the ignorance only I am in Seattle and I don't catch all the news.
  7. I heard it on Edith's show and I saw the YouTube clip, what is it for / when will we see it, etc?
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