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  1. I'm not sure that's true. Capital has lots of ex student radio presenters including last year's Silver Best Male on East Midlands, and with regards to Radio 1 former Best Male Pete Allison is in for Dev week after next.
  2. A lot of the articles state he will continue on breakfast, for example the one on Digital Spy, the Newsbeat one states he will remain on Radio 1 as do a few others. Think it's a pretty safe bet he'll stay on breakfast.
  3. Great news. There just isn't a natural replacement yet and for me the show us sounding as fresh as ever, and crucially the show is sounding right, IE not too old. This rules out any hope of Scott ever taking over breakfast sadly for him.
  4. There's no chance this will happen, sadly! I would imagine it's a mistake, a funny one at that! Would love to know how that's happened!
  5. The female 1Xtra voice over and the current male voice overs and present and past DJ's of Nottingham Trent student radio station Fly FM, a station which also boasts me hosting a breakfast show
  6. Tulip hasn't gone, we'd have heard about it if she were leaving, her Twitter suggests she hasn't as well. Sure she's just got a few days off, this Anthony Baxter seems quite good though, not as good as Tulip or Chris but I bet he's newer.
  7. Interesting these jingles, if you're sad like us. As jingles I like them, I like the logo, but for me the main problem is they just don't sound "newsy", IE serious enough. When Tina was reading the top story in a serious tone of voice this morning it just didn't sound right. For the sport they'd be fine. As for "listen, watch, share" that just signifies the way the industry is going, whether we like it or not. To survive stations are having to do more than just conventional radio, hence the additional interactivity and video content. Radio 1 are reflecting that so I don't think its a bad thing, its just the station evolving. Others will follow. Overall not too bad and I'll get used to them. A refresh was much needed as believe it or not the old style and logo had been used for ages, 2004 I think, albeit with the packages being refreshed every few years.
  8. Dave and Dom yes. Robbie Savage no. Really, really not.
  9. God Viv you do talk crap. This is the Big Weekend, but this (next) year it's happening on a larger scale, in London as part of the Olympic celebrations. Why does everything have to have a tabloid spin with you, you're not a journalist, you post on an internet forum.
  10. Wow, new levels of stupidity from Viv.
  11. Sad sad morons, but I'd hoped for better responses when I saw the OWNS in capital letters.
  12. 1. Chris Moyles 2. Scott Mills 3. Sara Cox 4. Greg James 5. Vernon Kay 6. Huw Stephens 7. Dev 8. Reggie Yates 9. Fearne Cotton 10. Edith Bowman
  13. Pointless replacing Moyles with Mills. He's the same age and attracts a very similar audience. Changing the breakfast show would need to be for someone younger.
  14. Ah I see, well this is Viv, she couldn't be seen to be missing out on the "hot goss".
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