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Here we go, 2018 seemed to be a big year for R1 schedule, so time to make some predictions for next year (though probably not as many changes as this year)

Personally, I think Clara's time will be up on mid morning, maybe a swap with Adele so Clara on earlies and Adele on mid morning? Or possibly Jordon takes mid morning?

I also think that (sadly) Scott might leave his afternoon show (but stay on the chart) and do cover for R1/R2. He'd be replaced on afternoons by probably Alice (with or without Dev), or failing that Matt and Mollie.

Finally, less likely but Grimmy may be vuneruble towards the end of the year, maybe going to an evening slot or something? That might be more like 2020 though.

Think everyone else is pretty safe in their slots, I'm keen on the overall lineup atm

What does everyone else think?


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In 2019 i reckon Grimmy will be gone. With Clara on that show. Adele taking on the mid morning slot  Arielle or Jordan on early breakfast. Maybe Katie taking over greatest hits 

Scott’s safe I think.

Greg’s Happy on Breakfast so they won’t move him any time soon considering Grimmy did 6 Chris Moyles. did 8 1/2. So I reckon Greg will do 7 years. Taking us up to 2025

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